Your Apathy

Don’t tell me you can’t feel it?

That you don’t or maybe you won’t.

Disappointment is a physical pain.

There’s no denying it.

It actually, literally hurts.


A burning pressure in the eyes.

A throbbing strain in the throat.

A corresponding ache in the heart.

The sting of indecision—not knowing whether to risk a breath and the inevitable ensuing tears.

Or to hold it all in, force a weak, watery, weepy smile, stamp it down, mask it with a smile, choke on it.

Don’t even ask, pretend you don’t understand .  

Yes, it’s really that bad and you know it.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This may be one of my favorites.  I don't like where I was in life when I wrote this, but I like what I had to say.

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Shaketa Copelin's picture

I agree, I like this as well...nicely written...

Danielle Blades's picture

kyla,this is wonderful,and i have felt this bitterness many times and no one seems to notice(wish they would)ive read some of your work and it is very good,keep it up and come visit my site,if youd like.

David Richardson's picture

You have this beautiful and unique poetic ability of placing the reader in the midst of what you are so vividly describing. This poem is so so so awesome-your visionary skills are so intense-can actually feel-see and sense what all you are describing. AWESOME!!!!!. Thank you for touching me with this poetic masterpiece. Please take care.

Dave Richardson

Skylar McKenzie's picture

just reading this makes me feel it... (i suppose that means its effectively written : ) ) i've always wondered whether it's better to not know that feeling or to experience it just so you know you're real. hm... either way, this is amazing, as usual.