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Things I like doing: dancing (mainly in my head), singing, being by myself, reading, going on the computer, playing with my animals, sleeping, drawing (I need to start drawing again), writing poetry (duh), being in the dark, being insane, living in my head, buying t-shirts, obsessing over stuff (anything and everything!), watching TV, rollerskating (once a week!), talking/yelling to the walls and or air, being/acting hyper, reading awesome blogs.

Hello. I will rack my brain best I can for this...

First thing, if my poem seems like a different one, it might have been inspired by it. I would never think of posting someone else's poem.

I would change what is written below, but I love it too much to change this, and I have no idea what I would put in its stead... and who knows, maybe it actually does a good job of describing who I am. And besides, you can't spell random without octopus minivan.

I don't really know what to put up here. (On the contrary, as I have already put all this down, and I am in a very quirky mood right now, don't you dare provoke me with your bananas!) No, I don't take drugs, as you might now think that. I am very strange. Either because I really am, or I think I am because I hear of all these other problems, kind of making them my own. (I like to consider myself a mimic. I really think so.) Or who knows what else. I am very quirky, with a deep, rather dark streak that runs rather deep and causes a lot of problems. I had a rather troubled childhood. I can also be very childish, almost throwing tantrums in my mind, I can be filled with childlike wonder, and have a tendency to be rather nieve. And that also creates many problems of its own. Yeah!! Lets cheer!! *ahem* I am generally good-humoured, I laugh easily when I'm in the mood, (And while in any kind of mood, if you are acting in an opposite manner, I Shall Get Childish On You! Or I'll just get really quiet and cranky.) very empathetic, and people tend to latch to me. At my favorite haunt in town, (Yes, I have a haunt, phear me! Or not.) I don't think I really make friends with anyone. They make friends with me. Its all very strange. And a lot will be changing soon. (See! I speak true! I don't know when I totally re-did this, but it is now June I have no idea what the date is.) Its hard to live like this. <- (That is really stupid.)

About My Navel

Mine is weird. I don't know. And its not pierced. I don't think I will ever get it pierced, though I turned sixteen a while back.

Favorite Stuff (poets, poems, quotes, hobbies, etc.)

I'm all that's left of a bizzarre childhood.
''A bit of fragrance always clings to the hand that gives roses.'' - Chinese Proverb
''I became insane, with long periods of horrible sanity.'' - Edgar Allan Poe


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