There are Hidden Places in every thing.

Some we hide from, Some we seek.

Mine exist with an absence of reason.

Over-filled with extended emotions

And incomplete Dreams.

It is a journey through a labyrinth

Of mistakes and Fears.

I spend Eternities jealous of my own memories.

I fight to retain only those I choose.

Can one move forward without a change of heart?

I forgot to be thankful for having been Loved.

In an atmosphere of loss and solitude

It is tricky to balance Pain with fond memories.

I would hope someday to be grateful for their existence

In whatever dimension memories have any substance.

It is hard to find a heart both unwilling

And unable to deceive.

A Unicorn must blend in with shadows

Often unheard and unseen.

I store my Dreams in a Hidden Place without an exit.

It is a place where I must learn to keep my heart.

We are like the wind always changing direction and speed.

The only thing that comes between us is ourselves.

A full understanding of this will never be.

The Truth finds its own place to hide.

I am no whore of Love...

I give too much faith and loyalty.

Short is the list of hearts torn from me

By my own hand or other forces.

It seems as though Love always dies.

Yet how can it be that True Love ends?

There is no proof of this in a Hidden future.

Memories of Love will always live there.

Someone once told me that I should move on.

I wonder if I'll ever find that Hidden Place.

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