This Vile Insecurity


amusing , unsubtle.ain't nothin but a freak

never gonna stop, until i reach my peak

spinning in circles, drowning in my thought

seeing through it all , only thickens the plot

looking around; untangeling hidden feelings

everything i've done, has given me my healings

suddenly something then whispers to my heart

secret location, no navigational chart.

all this fraud to my brian

can i make it through the rain?

the rain of my dismissal

nuclear genocide missile

screaming creeping vines of wrath

it's like newly applied math

rearranging my outlook on life.

An optional man with his wife.

blurry glimpses,of a wreckoning

reach and unload, appears so beckoning

untold and escaped my my bittersweet destiny

this solomn honest tension, keeps testing me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My life is suddenly changing on me, it's makign me stornger than i've ever been before.but i'm still afraid

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