No birds sing today

Explosions pound

Cracks and tunnels lead down

Rivers of Darkness flood

Through holes in the Earth

Candles burn out

Crevices catch bodies

Some moving...Others not

So much belongs to Fear

Beyond the molten rocks

Are many struggles

Food and stray pets

Life gone under ground

No more train whistle

No subways to ride

No roads for motor cars

No more ocean tides

There is no water any more

For the human phantoms

No gas to turn on heat

Above is no place to be

No electricity bills

No fresh Spring rain

No deer in the hills

No competing for things

This is future times

Every one is equal...Finally

It takes a catastrophe

I heard some one ask

Where is my country?

Every ten years or so

They climb to the top

What can they find there?

Sun burns mountains and desert

Uncertain climates change

Start over...All over again

The extinct and brave ones

Fight against The End

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Jayant Mahapatra's picture

Excellent work of art, superb imagination, magnificient use of metaphors and lucidity of thoughts - all blended together to form a perfect exhibition of the naked reality of LIFE. Keep it up gentleman.

Dr. Chitra Reddy's picture

Catastrophe of life is a stark graphic description with excellent imagery. It could well be the reality of the future! Dr. Chitra.