Monthly Archive for May 2014

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Human Chauvinists Discuss How To Exterminate Millions Of Fishes Prose saiom2 anaphylactic shock, Asian carp, Barkley Dam, electric barriers, electrocution, Illinois River, stomach cancer May 1st
The Eye of an Oppressor Poem Nash 2 May 1st
I Never Heard Poem giajl May 1st
Total Listening Silence Poem saiom2 lake, listening, Mirror, Reflection, silence, sun, total May 1st
Flowers..... Poem giajl May 1st
One Thousand A Pill Poem saiom2 billionaire Senator Frist, bush, Gilead, hepatitis C, pricegouging May 1st
seasails, star lake Poem saiom2 evaporation, liberation, Miracles, quarry, radiant, Row, sea, seaclouds, seasails, star lake, starry May 1st
regret for a compass Poem Daniel-59 May 1st
a 2nd trial- a Dream Baby a Dream (DBD) Poem humanpulse May 1st
I Could Smell Poem giajl 4 May 1st
Hands Poem shazi 1 #health #death #sad #hopeless #hopeful #love #moods #anger #confusion #secrets #doctors May 1st
Loathly Drear Poem cevance 2 spiteful May 1st
Warrior Of Diversity Poem MonteThePoet diversity #truth #Peace #Unity May 1st
For You. Poem sweetwater May 1st
I walk and disappear Poem hurtandlost May 1st
Woe..... Poem giajl May 1st
May Poem workm May 1st
FOR SOMETHING TO DO. Poem Dadio 1950S, boy, girl, london May 1st
CHRIS H Poem chris May 1st
Spina Bifida Poem shazi 1 love, Love sadness despair torment hopelessness May 1st
Dance of Jesters Poem Morningglory 10 May 1st
last light Poem miss.meek sorrow May 1st
Saddest Day Poem light May 1st
Forge Your Own Path Poem LittleLennonGurl May 1st
Forever Shine On Poem LittleLennonGurl May 1st
True Riches Poem LittleLennonGurl May 1st
Tomorrow Poem belial_lair May 1st
Living for Hope Poem WiseWolf # addiction # love #learninlove #theone #hate #pity #like #relationship #relationship #new #younglove # family # hope # joy # pain # future # greatness # life May 1st
Honest Exploration Poem Sky 2 Exploration, honesty, truth May 1st
humane society disconnect, disappear: a transitive verb Poem saiom2 animal flesh, bird flesh, chicken flesh, disappear, fundraiser, hiding, humane society, internet providers, National Security Agency, search engines, websites May 1st
Moving On Poem light May 1st
The Dancing Light Poem KingofWords Candle Darkness Friend Road May 1st
JANICE AND THE PLAGUE OF LONDON. Poem Dadio 1950S, KIDS, london May 1st
I Love You More than You Can Ever Imagine Poem KingofWords love May 1st
Dylan's City Poem shazi 4 events, places, POETRY May 1st
MARRIAGE OF THE UNDER-AGE Poem Makezela 2 hatred., love, marriage, Rape, sex May 1st
MY HEART IS GREEN Poem Makezela Africa, green, hope., mood, Nigeria May 1st
Empty Poem Deceril 1 May 1st
Come Back to Love Poem KingofWords Come Back to Love May 1st
The End is Nigh Poem ReilaMorello 1 Emotions landscape worldbuilding sickness sick disease lore world building May 1st
A BROKEN MAN Poem miguelito7911 a sad love poem May 2nd
Because You're Not Home I'm Poem giajl May 2nd
irony Poem frankiedrury #love #loss #movingon May 2nd
The Dot Poem Split_Head 10/20/13 May 2nd
damaged Poem miss.meek Evil May 2nd
Its not a matter of anything Poem Davin 5 May 2nd
Crazy Moments Poem Kikaykit May 2nd
After all that had happened Poem karlalaf May 2nd
For the girl I love Poem ReubenBrown 2 love, romance May 2nd
12 Poems: filling chalice, ban pate, dell light, little nuthatch, semantic falsehood etc Poem saiom2 May 2nd
Hey! Be Sure and True .... Poem giajl May 2nd
I can't see her, but I can feel her Poem Donovinny19 Love kind relationship boyfriend girlfriend romance awh cute May 2nd
6 poems: drunken dells, enabling cruelty, geese, filling valley chalice, etc Poem saiom2 catch, Dark, enabling cruelty, geese, match, nuthatch, patch, pate de foie gras, skylark May 2nd
I'll Not Be Alone.... Poem giajl May 2nd
MY SPIRIT'S SAGE Poem palewingedpoetess May 2nd
Real Magic Prose LittleLennonGurl May 2nd
Keeping Me Calm Poem Kikaykit 2 May 2nd
Three Words For The World Poem Stardust 4 May 2nd
Say My Name, Meet Me In... Poem giajl May 2nd
Timeless Poem BearByNight # addiction # love #learninlove # life # truth # joy # happiness # beauty # beast # peace # music # soul # body # mind #emotions # awe # poetry # heart # humanity # words May 2nd
Frosty Nights, Rainy Days and Poem giajl May 2nd
The Biggest Lie Poem mariferpb May 2nd
The Back Seat Poem AnaPadron #life #happiness #coming-of-age May 2nd
Highway of Life Poem Sephliam 1 May 2nd
Separate Ways Poem Sephliam May 2nd
Be A Positive In The World (Not A Negative) Poem LittleLennonGurl May 2nd
Movement Poem theLittle May 2nd
Earth Poem LittleLennonGurl May 2nd
Home Poem LittleLennonGurl May 2nd
তোমার ঘন কালো চুলে হারিয়ে যায় মন Poem KingofWords 2 প্রেমিকার ঘন কালো চুল May 2nd
Little Things Are Never So Little Poem LittleLennonGurl May 2nd
tangles of lovliness Poem SSmoothie May 2nd
Stop Living Blind Poem LittleLennonGurl May 2nd
FOR SOMETHING NOT DONE. Poem Dadio 1950S, boy, girl, london May 2nd
HAPPY BABY DAY Poem joy May 2nd
Chala us sheher se is shaher ka mehman bankar rah gaya Poem AzharSabri # addiction # love #learninlove May 2nd
Mountain Climbers, Ahab The Murderer, Internet Or Books, Adam Gershowitz Poem saiom2 May 3rd
4 Poems: Bee Tables, Woods Worship, Gathered Shards, Yes I Can Poem saiom2 bee food, bee table, corsican shards, grace, grains, iron filings, Japan, magnet, queen anne's lace, river, sea, vacuum May 3rd
Lace Flakes Poem saiom2 gather, melt, queen anne's lace, Snowflakes May 3rd
THE ADVENT OF CHAT Poem palewingedpoetess May 3rd
THE DYING CAT Poem chris May 3rd
TARGET TOY AISLES Poem chris May 3rd
A SECRET FROM WITHIN Poem heatherburns35 May 3rd
The Son of Nature Prose humanpulse May 3rd
Hope Poem LovingLovelace May 3rd
ADITYA Poem palewingedpoetess May 3rd
Sifting the Sands of the Moon Poem Beavis 8 May 3rd
I'm The Target To Be Rip Heartless Poem MonteThePoet # masculinity # depression # failure # love #learninlove #theone #hate #pity #like #relationship #relationship #firstpoem #new May 3rd
Freeing Poem Shawnisbeast1 May 3rd
I Met Fair Lady......and Poem giajl May 3rd
Warm My Porch Poem millyardo 1 May 3rd
Sid: A Cowgirl named Sisilie Poem millyardo friendship May 3rd
Step away from the hunger Poem nighthawk21 May 3rd
Dil ke Armaan Poem AzharSabri love May 3rd
Glowing Moon Sage-Unnoticed Magnificent Heyday Poem eternalpoet1389 love, POETRY, Spirituality May 3rd
A small Understanding ! Poem manikanand May 3rd
I Just Know ... Poem giajl May 3rd
DEATH TO THE LIGHT Poem palewingedpoetess May 4th
খুঁজে পাই তোমায়... Poem KingofWords খুঁজে পাই তোমায়... May 4th
ARE WE JUST A LOAD OF ATOMS Poem Artizan personality, psychology, who are we ? May 4th
all alone Poem miss.meek 3 depression takes over me May 4th
starring the wand, fan of dawn, nonviolent plants, best luck, compromise which doubles Poem saiom2 Compromise, flowering, fruit trees, glass greenhouses, many leafed clover, sparkle, star, sunbeam, unpluck, wand May 4th
A Womans Struggle Poem Underthesun81 3 May 4th
Separate worlds Poem DeathAfterLife May 4th
Stand tall, Stand alone Poem DeathAfterLife May 4th
Beneath the Setting Sun Poem valemtz8 May 4th
PATH LIGHTERS Poem palewingedpoetess May 4th
Heart and Soul Poem Underthesun81 May 4th
she yelled 'cut!' because she couldnt take it any more. Poem SSmoothie 1 May 4th
I've Saved My Last Poem giajl May 4th
it leaves a mark. Poem SSmoothie May 4th
message from the iris, we lost the stars. Poem SSmoothie 1 May 4th
Lights On Poem absolutekos May 4th
"con amore" Poem burkej1h 2 May 4th
Film of life Poem Sephliam May 4th
Spray and Pray Poem Chadical May 4th
Don't Hide Your True Self Poem LittleLennonGurl May 4th
The Power Of Words Poem LittleLennonGurl May 4th
Amnesia, Part I Poem AcidBubble May 4th
বৃষ্টি এবং তুমি Poem KingofWords বৃষ্টি এবং তুমি May 4th
Never Jealous Now or Poem giajl May 4th
Jekyll n ..... Poem giajl May 4th
FAVORITES Poem joy May 4th
Do The Right Thing (Exonerate The WM3) Poem LittleLennonGurl May 4th
I found my God Poem SSmoothie 2 May 4th
The Widow Poem KingofWords Widow May 5th
তুমি কি আমায় বিয়ে করবে? Poem KingofWords বিয়ে May 5th
Where when was. Poem SSmoothie 2 May 5th
Can I hitch a ride! Poem fern.medina May 5th
Davie Poem May 5th
when you walk away Poem frankiedrury May 5th
I cant find my DOVE!!! Poem SSmoothie 5 May 5th
I am a person too Poem frankiedrury May 5th
Dear best friend Poem miss.meek you make me smile May 5th
Sailing Steady Prose Edna_Landois May 5th
The mouse and the snake Prose Edna_Landois May 5th
CINCO DE MAYO Poem joy May 5th
Midnight song Poem juliothegreat May 5th
The Kidnapping Poem ArturoGarza Thriller Kidnapping Shortstory May 5th
the Sun came around for coffee Poem SSmoothie May 5th
A Flower Bloomed Poem dare2dream 1 May 5th
If I Gave You Some Sunshine Poem dare2dream 1 May 5th
Perfectly Imperfect Love Poem dare2dream #love #heart #beautiful #cute May 5th
Life Overload Poem dare2dream #depression #pain #hurt May 5th
Our Cimmerian World Poem dare2dream May 5th
Analyzing My Self-Awareness On Love Poem deepblue May 5th
Ye siyahi nahi ye to khun-e jigar hai Poem AzharSabri Indian Politics, Nationalism May 5th
Do The Right Thing Poem LittleLennonGurl 1 May 5th
Words (Think Before You Speak) Poem LittleLennonGurl May 5th
Amnesia, Part II Poem AcidBubble May 5th
NO SWAN CAME. Poem Dadio boy, girl, kiss, lake, pond, SWAN May 5th
Me, Understood? Poem LittleLennonGurl May 5th
Stop My Heart Poem D.I.Z #Friendship #Relationship #Acceptance #Heartbreak #MovingOn May 6th
Aura Expansion, Old Plutocrats, Steerage, Multistory Cloud Castles, Dandelion Liberation, No Scapegoat Poem saiom2 aura expansion, chakras, cloud castles, dandelion, escapegoat, liberation, peerage, plutocrats, scapegoat, steerage, thunderheads May 6th
YES, WE SAY NO Poem Makezela african american, homosexuality May 6th
DEATH IN COLLEGE Poem Makezela education, horror, Lyrics Political War Terrorism Violence Corporate News May 6th
grudge match. Poem SSmoothie May 6th
tenderly her tendrils Poem SSmoothie #Erotica #Love #Desire #Fantasy #Sex May 6th
threadbare hearts on old quilts. Poem SSmoothie 1 May 6th
A Paul Bunyon Dream Poem owlcrkbrg 2 May 6th
This Weekend I'll Be Out Of... Poem giajl May 6th
Rise and Fall Poem craigyw May 6th
Avalon Poem Seraphim Apathy atlas broken broken wings Cursed Dark day death Depression doom helplessness Life light loss love night Pain Peace Phoenix Redemption relationship sadness second chances Seraphim time War May 6th
His Eyes... Poem DazedByLife crush, emotions, eyes, fire, Happiness, help, hiding, him, love, soul May 6th
Pretty Hurts Poem DazedByLife alone, beyonce, bulimia. disease, erase, fake, Forgotten, lost, perfect, perfection, pretty May 6th
My Love Is... Poem giajl May 6th
Heartache Poem giajl May 6th
The Long Fall Poem Sky death, Life May 6th
London's Calling, Dear Child Poem Devonic May 6th
Someone Special Poem EmiLaBella love and life, new interests, relationships May 6th
Life Chose Us Poem Silver__lining May 6th
To Love & Know It's Love Poem Silver__lining May 6th
One September When You Shoved Away Poem Silver__lining May 6th
Must Lie & Say I Don't Love You Poem Silver__lining May 6th
Done Asking Why Poem Silver__lining May 6th
Heard Many Excuses Poem Silver__lining May 6th
I Will Die Trying Poem Silver__lining May 6th
I'm My Own Nemesis Poem Silver__lining May 6th
From The First Time I Saw You Poem Silver__lining May 6th
She Still Never Gave A Damn Poem Silver__lining May 6th
Sick Strange Darkness Poem Silver__lining May 6th
It's Hard To Be Fine Poem Silver__lining May 6th
Life's Magic Poem LittleLennonGurl May 6th
Pay It Forward Poem LittleLennonGurl May 6th
Why Would Anyone Want To Live In A Conformist World? Poem LittleLennonGurl May 6th
Alimentary Canal Poem Chadical May 6th
CHRISTINA AND PLACES. Poem Dadio 1962, boy, girl, kiss, School May 6th
Sister Euphoria Comes Down Poem PeterChristophe... 5 May 6th
A Lullaby of Another Name Poem RyuxWinters Dark, emo, Free Write, miscellaneous, scene May 6th
I Once Had Me A Woman Poem beccaloni Beyond Good And Evil May 6th
Long Live The Free Soul Poem LittleLennonGurl May 6th
never should have loved me Poem miss.meek unloved May 6th
Jay Leno Joins Picket Of Buildings Owned By Sultan Of Brunei Poem saiom2 amputatin of hands of thieves, Beverly Hills Hotel, death by stoning, decapitation, Dorchester hotels, human rights, Jay Leno, Sultan of Brunei May 7th
My Love Poem millyardo love May 7th
Velvet Curtains Poem MrAlexKidd May 7th
Birds of a Different kind Poem millyardo #friendship #love May 7th
The Last house on Winton Ave Poem Phantom May 7th
Broken Tool Poem Phantom May 7th
Dearly Departed Poem millyardo love May 7th
It's Life Poem giajl May 7th
Nyctophilia Poem GOHIL48 2 #death #world #night #passenger #moon #sky #sad #metapher May 7th
Consume The Room Poem pinkdot7 May 7th
Are Orphange Operators Hoarders? Poem saiom2 animal rescue, hoarder, orphange May 7th
Rewrite Poem grahf 1 May 7th
Friend Poem ConnorAnderton96 Addiction, Alcoholism, dependence, rehabilitation, struggle, terrible. May 7th
ornate frame Poem saiom2 flame, frame, gilded May 7th
blue Poem saiom2 detachment, sea, sky May 7th
THERE HAS TO BE MORE Poem chris May 7th
needy Poem saiom2 May 7th
Standing on my Chest Poem Chadical May 7th
Lady and Jack: The Conflict Part 1 Poem millyardo May 7th
Entries In A High School Yearbook Poem Starward May 7th
She Only Needs a Poem Poem wayfarer May 7th
رهام القصيد Poem nasheed فلسطين، شعر. مريم العموري، غربة May 7th
Stand Up For What Is Right Poem LittleLennonGurl May 7th
friends Poem isaiah15 # love # disappointment # brokenhearted #learninlove #theone #life #secondchoice #friendship #hope May 7th
May Poem oliverbradly #may #joueidi #mother-in-law May 7th
Everyone Deserves To Be Heard Poem LittleLennonGurl May 7th
The House Cat Blues Poem life_used_to_be... 2 May 7th
Paranoia Poem millyardo May 7th
Summertime Saddness Poem millyardo 1 love May 7th
Where the truth Lies.. Poem Phantom May 7th
Midst Of Summer Poem yellowcabs Summerloveaffair May 7th
A Walk Poem alecope magic, solidity, solitude May 7th
Breaking Inside Poem alecope consciousness, growth, infinity, It's been a while, Rebirth, soul May 7th
We Hours Poem bishu May 7th
Go to sleep Poem Go_To_Sleep_ #Jeff #death #sorrow # pain May 7th
Bait and Switch Poem Davin 2 May 7th
Scarlett shame Poem indigo_blu May 7th
I Now Know for Me Poem giajl May 7th
What Right Do We Have Poem LittleLennonGurl May 7th
Conformity Or You (Which Do You Choose) Poem LittleLennonGurl May 7th
Embrace Who You Are Now (Let The Past Go) Poem LittleLennonGurl May 7th
Forward, ever Forward Poem nat_w_dogg May 7th
Seamstress Poem Urban barriers, coming together, falling apart, Mental, reincarnation, ruin May 7th
You're a flower Poem Go_To_Sleep_ #depression #selfharm #givingup May 7th
The Answers Are Simple Poem LittleLennonGurl May 7th
People Are People Poem LittleLennonGurl May 7th
crooked line Poem 9inety 2 May 8th
Yea I See Each Poem giajl May 8th
eostre rise Poem oneinthegrave May 8th
I Have No Understanding..... of Poem giajl May 8th
Knowledge Dispels Poem giajl May 8th
Not Slings, Nor Arrows Nor .... Poem giajl May 8th
Delightful..... No Poem giajl May 8th