A Walk

Intoxicated in emotion
To ease into the lucid ocean
Quiets the mind of any commotion
The warmth hugs my core as I bask upon the shore
It's supple flavor opens the window and invites to show me more
It's the fire that relaxes me during the storm by reminding me I can be sure
The solidity dissipates softly and was once a roar 
It follows me when I walk out the door
The schism lets go and floats into a full soar 
I stood firm with my chin up high
Unafraid to look the mirror in the eye
The spark was love and grounded by a still Earth
Like a gentle wave that calmly swayed back and forth 
Beaming in the glow of awareness 

The silence whispers me the answers 
They've found me and I am kissed with bliss
Blessed the path I walk in solitude 
Lost the conditioning and was gifted something brilliant and hued with new 
To open the pain was to induce my roots into my center
The serenity let the magic come alive
It was then I realized that the present is both the light
and night
Neither wrong or right, both part of eachother
There's no need to fight 
Let it be as this existence just is 
And we just are
Open and you will become the essence of life
Smile with a tear
You're a precious child 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Melt into the ocean... 

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