The Dancing Light

 Once the electricity went to rest,

 I did what I could do best,

 Groped in the ocean of darkness,

 To fight against shadows, looking for a wax.


 Something didn’t want me to win over,

 After letting the fingers work with care,

 Reached I the goal,

 Yes, in my fist was the candle.


Another effort was yet to follow,

 The thing holding the spark of civilisation as we know,

 Meant to perish the shadows are,

 The shore thought I like Santiago was not afar.


The evil ministers were at work,

 Sitting idly being dark,

 In the Typhon-like-endeavour to stop my march,

 And the invincible search.


 Waiting I was for the glow as beautiful as the setting sun,

 And like octopus, I let the human tentacles run,

 The lighter didn’t pain me quite,

 It kissed the string and was born the dancing light!


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