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Those Ships That Sail

We mourn for the ships that never sailed

For those who never left the shore

Also we are stunned by the phenomenon

That those who’ve gone shall not return


It’s better for those who do yet sail

To sink to a watery grave

Than to return to the cold, steely glare

Set against those men so brave


They wish, those ships; would get lost at sea

So that they wouldn’t return home

To face the hatred they’ve accrued

For saving the likes of me and you


You heartless bastards! You spoiled children!

What do you know of sacrifice?

Until the men whom you have scorned

Sail away to exchange their lives


Those sailors who have heard the call

Of God and greater need

Who are willing to go give their lives

For bigots like you and me


But go ahead, and live the same

It’s not like you to change your ways

For those who’ve died to comfort you

And save your life on their dying day


For you’re unworthy of their gift

Uncaring of their price

But would you ever change your ways

If you could see through their children’s eyes?


Their fathers, dead for a country who loathes them

Their mothers grieve but keep them alive

To one day see those little children

Grow up to give their lives


And the vicious cycle goes further on

And while the worthy die

The undeserving  dance on their graves


And yet we’ll continue to fight


Just For Fun

Its my time to leave

I cannot stay here

These visions of life

Are fading my dear

Your world is dimming

Another does glow

Like Arthur before me

I’ll be missed, I know

Do not look for me

For I will be gone

You’ll no longer find me


But in Avalon 


Why do we carry anchors

That serve to hold our dreams

Solid to the earth below

As our heart screams


Why do we carry anchors

To hold us in our place

Never moving forward

Roots that interlace


Why do we carry anchors

That weighs our thoughts down

Our hearts are crushed beneath them

Our lives are broken down


Why do we carry anchors

This is my life-long plea

Why do we carry anchors


That drown us out at sea


Light and Dark


For we see what we want to see

Addicted to our fantasies

Disillusioned into believing we are gods

For our lives

Are a whisper and a thought, nothing more

With the impression of eternity

The semblance of normality

And an appearance of immortality

But it’s all a mirage

For we see what we want to see

We are blinded by our eyes

And hallucinate our greatest endeavors

“All is meaningless” says the teacher

For we feel, without works

We laugh, without joy

We mourn, without reason

And we die, without legacy


Or is that an illusion as well?

The Globe

Just For Fun

There is a globe in my study

Dust from days gone by lay on its surface

It seems time goes on anyway

A three dimensional depiction of life incarnate

A model of that nurturing cradle

Which allows us to live and learn

To love and breathe

Yes that globe sits in my study

The wear of years has turned it yellow

And it’s more ragged than I remember

But it reminds me

Of traveling the world

In the imagination of a child

Of adventures far from here

Those quests across the world

Fighting battles in the sand

Or journeying through the jungle

Yes its funny how we think

We can outgrow our childish imaginings

I still look at that globe in the corner

And imagine traveling far from here

To the center of my world


Straight into your arms.