Come Back to Love

 Come back to love,

 My mind without you floats alone,

 Like the gypsy clouds,

 With no address above.


I will be your umbrella when it rains,

 And the warmth in winter,

 Your sleep will I be,

 In the sleepless nights.


Like a baby weep I for the memories past,

 When as hushed as cone you were,

 Buried the good old days are like Egyptian mummies,

 All as the archaic Troy seems to be lost.


It may you be,

 Or me to be held responsible,

 Perhaps it’s the time and its cruel hand,

 That has erected a Wall of China betwixt you and me.


 Come back to love, my heart for you cries ever,

 Wish I for Marquezian magic realism to step in,

 Or a dues ex machina solving the problems with the blink,

 Feel my pain or ask Alethia for truth ‘my dear’.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

In the 10th line, Alethia was the goddess of truth in Greek mythology.

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