Human Chauvinists Discuss How To Exterminate Millions Of Fishes

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On an NPR network show, John Flesher of the AP was discussing as if it were a good thing the electroshocking of Asian carp along the Illinois River.  Human beings have outlawed the electric chair whose advent included the public electrocution of prisoners and elephants by Thomas Edison.  A second method is electric barriers, somewhat like the electric barbed wire fences used to harm animals trying to escape ranches.

No one discussed the danger to human children and adults from river electrocution and electrically charged river barriers.


He and the radio host were also upset that Asian carp were jumping in to boats. No one discusseed the trillions of fishes who have been drawn, quartered and chopped up by motorboat propellers and that these fishes were jumping into the boats to escape the propellers and the electrocution both.

Dave Wethington, engineer and project manager with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the ecocidal agency which was co-responsible for the Katrina flooding of New Orleans, discussed spending EIGHTEEN BILLION DOLLARS to eliminate Asian carp from the Great Lakes.  He said fish were sometimes ‘incapacitated’ by the electric barriers.  The actual word should be ‘killed’. The Army Corps has been silent about white pelicans who are eating the Asian carp.


Who are promoting the destruction of Asian carp?  Those who make their living from fish suffocation.  It is just recently that the mercury level of Lake Erie was considered low enough that people could risk eating mercury-saturated memory-destroying fish. Fukushima has been filling the Pacific with radiation. If you want to glow in the dark, eat fish who are polluted by illegal nuclear waste dumping by many countries into the Atlantic and Pacific.

Still othes who think humans have a right to kill fishes have said Asian carp flesh is prized in China and Europe and that their cadavers can be ground up for food for captive mammals.


It is the most intelligent, adaptable and strong species which humans, the most invasive species on earth, attempt to eliminate.  Asian carp are plankton eaters.

Asian carp are environmental cleaners. Human waste spilling over into lakes and rivers is cleaned up by Asian carp.

Asian carp have been in the Great Lakes for 10 years and have not been eliminating other species.

Fisheating is correlated to stomach cancer, arthritis, anaphylactic shock and hundreds of other diseases.

Meanwhile the invasive human species has killed one half billion fish with chemical spills or intentional poisoning near Barkley Dam

Some of the hundreds of dangers in eating fish

Millions of fish die in China

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