Monthly Archive for November 2012

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
For those we lost <3 Poem Iceyflame 2 heart, Life, lost, People, sorrow Nov 1st
Existence. Poem TheLyricalComposer Nov 1st
'The Reckon' Poem JMM213 Character Nov 1st
A sexy parody on Andrew Marvell, "Coy Mistress" Poem TREXPATTON mature passion Nov 1st
Ashes Poem nighthawk21 Nov 1st
Careful What You Wish For Poem Beavis 16 Nov 1st
Caught In Between(Frustration) Poem JMM213 Confession, frustration Nov 1st
Thoughts Poem ChosenFew 7 Nov 1st
WHOLISTIC BREW Poem palewingedpoetess Nov 1st
Simplicity Poem inevitablebutte... 1 Simplicity Nov 1st
Little Things Poem inevitablebutte... Nov 1st
Memories of a Mystical March ... Poem Not_A_Somalian_Guy death, Life, love Nov 1st
beautiful soulmate Poem poetic-cosmo 5 Nov 1st
sex 101 Poem poetic-cosmo 1 Nov 1st
MY 'CATHY' Poem emmenay A love poem tinged with sadness Nov 1st
The Truth Poem Seraphim Battle, broken, curse, death, Empty, explode, hypocrisy, lie, Life, Phantom, praise, sea, Thrill, truth Nov 1st
I Miss You Poem desigre death loss long distance love Nov 1st
in reply Poem juliothegreat Nov 1st
blinking softly Poem redpyramid9000 Nov 1st
Chasing Shadows Poem RoC 2 Nov 1st
the most beautiful thing about it is you don't need to know Poem juliothegreat Nov 1st
we are the same Poem dampsoup 1 Nov 1st
FATHER TIME Poem heatherburns35 father time Nov 1st
BaSHiNG YouR HeaD AGaiNST A PiLLoW FiLLeD WiTH RaZoRS Poem BloodShotLies 1 emo, lyrics Nov 1st
I AM CARRIED AWAY Poem heatherburns35 I am carried away Nov 2nd
رسالة من امرأة هزمها الوقت و نصرها الزمن Poem yaramo Nov 2nd
Remove My Remorse Poem Envy Nov 2nd
Neverland Poem allets 2 Nov 2nd
Herring Bled Poem Sivus Nov 2nd
Fire of the mind. Poem JosephCarbonell 1 dream, Free Write, freewrite, Hope, Life, Rhyming, struggle Nov 2nd
Furnace Poem Sivus Nov 2nd
I am Poem JosephCarbonell dream, eugene, Free Write, I am, joe, joseph, josephcarbonell, miscellaneous, oregon Nov 2nd
জীবন সংগ্রাম Poem shawon1982 Nov 2nd
Pure Love Poem cherishfaith Conveying the truth, Diamond One, Faith Hope, intuition, pure love Nov 2nd
Not Going to Take It Anymore Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 2nd
See Through The Masks (Learn About Yourself) Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 2nd
FIGHTER Poem liltigg10 Nov 2nd
The Best of Me; is dying... Poem SoulKritiC shallow heart Nov 2nd
Help Your Fellow Man (Yes Do What You Can) Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 2nd
Karma Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 2nd
ক্ষনজন্মা অতিথি Poem shawon1982 Nov 2nd
Hey You (Bullies) Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 2nd
The Peace We Seek Is Everywhere Around Us Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 2nd
We Can Learn From Dreams and Wishes Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 2nd
Wake Up For Peace Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 2nd
Please Just Tell Me Why Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 2nd
Lets Dance Poem LovingLovelace Nov 2nd
Unburtsingly yours Poem SSmoothie 5 Nov 2nd
Let it go Poem writinggirl93 Nov 2nd
Risk Poem writinggirl93 Nov 2nd
Connection Poem writinggirl93 Nov 2nd
Garlic Lung Poem Sivus Nov 2nd
The ring you gave me turned my skin green, but I liked it, so I did not complain. Poem wheneveriturnaround 3 Nov 2nd
Whatever Poem Kikaykit Nov 2nd
Pretentious Souls Poem Kikaykit Nov 2nd
Giving up. Poem Jessica_Loves_Izzy 1 Nov 2nd
"The Needle and the Spoon" Poem grantrizmo2002 Addiction Nov 2nd
The girl who never cried. Poem Jessica_Loves_Izzy 1 Nov 2nd
All because of you. Poem Jessica_Loves_Izzy 2 Nov 2nd
Arrogant Poem RoC 2 Nov 2nd
Sans Stock Give Lock Poem Sivus Nov 2nd
Always Looking Poem RoC Nov 2nd
Friends and help Poem Iceyflame 1 friends, sadness, the past Nov 2nd
Delayed Poem RoC Nov 2nd
Footnote: Indoor Swimming Poem S74rw4rd Nov 2nd
Down Without Wind Poem JacobNewell 1 down without wind war sadness anger gun sand hate love brainwashed government political Nov 2nd
Love is a Four Letter Word Poem RoC 4 Nov 2nd
The process of up Growing up without a Father Poem Bre 1 family, father leaving Nov 2nd
I am From Poem Bre growing up Nov 2nd
Footnote: Spring Blooming Poem S74rw4rd Nov 2nd
Heads I stay, Tails I go Prose thisisme789 4 books, death, spiritual Nov 2nd
Through Death's Eyes Prose MatthewWayne 2 Child's book, death, disease, Faith, Illness, Life Nov 2nd
Either Ocean Poem Sivus Nov 3rd
your smell Poem osiriss- Nov 3rd
Farewell Poem omegamike Nov 3rd
Diary Poem iamJay0h Diary, Inspirational, love, real Nov 3rd
LUCIFER IS HAPPY (More on some women in veils and ultra modern fashion trends) Poem emmenay 1 Nov 3rd
The ART OF POETRY Poem mylovep0etry 1 Nov 3rd
FOUNDATION OF LIFE Poem heatherburns35 foundation of life Nov 3rd
The Plight Of The Misunderstood Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 3rd
To Those Who Dare To Dream Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 3rd
Open Your Eyes (To The Meaning of Life) Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 3rd
Hurricane Sandy Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 3rd
Mystery Poem Neha 3 Nov 3rd
On My Farewell... Poem Neha 2 Nov 3rd
Honest Tears Poem Neha 4 Nov 3rd
Springtime Dawn Poem Neha Nov 3rd
Warmth of Breeze! Poem Neha Nov 3rd
Life Is Short Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 3rd
Never Give Up You Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 3rd
Dreamers and Believers For Peace Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 3rd
A Contraceptive Pill Poem Neha Nov 3rd
I Plead... Poem Neha 4 Nov 3rd
For My Friends Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 3rd
My Soul Cannot Be Complete (In A Society That Just Can't See) Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 3rd
some Poem AirAm Nov 3rd
once in a life time Poem AirAm Nov 3rd
how do you know Poem AirAm Nov 3rd
Only the lonely Poem AirAm Nov 3rd
Put into paper Prose JMM213 Nov 3rd
PULLED HOME Poem palewingedpoetess 5 Nov 4th
The King's Rose Poem Desperado 5 -LovePoem- relationships Nov 4th
Day dreams Poem Irockpoker 1 dreams, love Nov 4th
Denial Poem writinggirl93 Nov 4th
whats life??? Poem tabs In my thoughts..about life Nov 4th
Coughing Kettles Poem Sivus Nov 4th
Depression Poem Death_from_a_kiss alchol, alcholism, Depression, Suicide Nov 4th
The drunken text I’ll never send Poem incognito 1 Nov 4th
Promise me that if I’m right you’ll me* Poem incognito 1 Nov 4th
So favourite human being will have to do Poem incognito 1 Nov 4th
I love you…defiantly…maybe Poem incognito Nov 4th
And I had to say it somewhere Poem incognito 1 Nov 4th
Why not?* Poem incognito 1 Nov 4th
Or is logic your only friend? Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Nov 4th
This Tortured Soul Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 4th
It’s how the light gets in* Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Nov 4th
Juan Tomas Avila Laurel vs the leaf Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Nov 4th
The Tortured Souls Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 4th
I’m not a compulsive loather* Poem running_with_rabbits 4 Nov 4th
A Sense Of Peace Is What I Dream (For You And Me) Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 4th
A Lonely Soul Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 4th
It Only Takes 1 to Rid The World of Hate Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 4th
Love Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 4th
True Justice (Another WM3 poem) Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 4th
WAITING (HAIKU) Poem emmenay Haiku poem Nov 4th
FAITH (HAIKU) Poem emmenay Haiku poem Nov 4th
EVERGREEN (HAIKU) Poem emmenay Haiku poem Nov 4th
A POETIC VOW (QUATRAIN) Poem emmenay Quatrain Nov 4th
Neel Areeb Poem shawon1982 Nov 4th
In my head Poem Irockpoker A Beginning in love Nov 4th
Here Poem writinggirl93 Nov 4th
The Old Alexander's Statue & the flock of Doves Poem Not_A_Somalian_Guy 1 Nov 4th
"Suffering & Release" Poem shahira Nov 4th
"Rays of Sun" Poem shahira Nov 4th
Friendship Poem allets Nov 4th
The ones who win Poem cherishfaith love, love's patience., power of love, WINNER Nov 4th
THE EYE OF THE STORM Poem heatherburns35 the eye of the storm Nov 4th
FOREVER LOST Poem heatherburns35 forever lost Nov 5th
ONCE AGAIN Poem heatherburns35 once again Nov 5th
Black Poem poetgirl123 1 death black empty finished Nov 5th
Why animals live in packs Poem dany Nov 5th
Ode to Music Poem montyc6 Nov 5th
A Metaphor for Nature and Emotion. Poem ADAPT Love is nature. Nov 5th
WINTERS CHILL Poem heatherburns35 winters chill Nov 5th
AUTUMN Poem heatherburns35 autumn Nov 5th
Lucky Charm Poem writinggirl93 Nov 5th
Jack Heirman Poem JMM213 Nov 5th
Forgive & Forget Poem JMM213 Opinion, quote Nov 5th
view as I do Poem WhatIAmOrWillBe 1 Nov 5th
A cry to home Poem cherishfaith Beauty Beautiful Serenity, beyond reason, Darkness, heart, HOME, light, living loud, love Nov 5th
Be You Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 5th
Envy Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 5th
Stand Up To Your Past Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 5th
Bullies Need Power To Exist Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 5th
Lead And Teach By Example Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 5th
Frolic world Poem shawon1982 Nov 5th
New Poem writinggirl93 Nov 5th
The Brazen Truth Poem blkgy Nov 5th
The Rhymester's Prayer Poem melodicPoetic 2 Nov 5th
Natural Disaster Poem LeavingMyselfBehind 1 mental illness Nov 5th
BUT FOR GOD! (HAIKU) Poem emmenay Haiku poem Nov 5th
Obama! A Labama Rewrite! Poem ramonathompsont Nov 5th
Reelect Him Maybe Poem ramonathompsont Nov 5th
We Need Rommey And You Know It! Sexy Rewrite Poem ramonathompsont Nov 5th
Rommney! 80s classic rewrite ! Poem ramonathompsont Nov 5th
Obama Should't Live Here Anymore Poem ramonathompsont Nov 5th
Color Sling Poem Sivus Nov 5th
Dilemma Poem Kikaykit Nov 5th
Let's Keep It A White House Poem ramonathompsont Nov 5th
No More Obama Poem ramonathompsont Nov 5th
My falling sky Poem SSmoothie My falling sky Nov 5th
I Don't Care Anymore Poem lovelife123 6 Nov 5th
Unimportant burst of undefined, forced, pitiful loveliness Poem SafelyReturned Nov 5th
HERE LIES, A FLOWER Poem Contrasola a, flower, Here, interpretation, lie, love Nov 5th
Dream come true. Poem lillycheer12345 2 Nov 5th
Tears For My Adversary Poem Contrasola 3 adversary, confidence, enemy, tears Nov 6th
Because of You Poem workm Nov 6th
The Taxi Ride Poem redfeather77720... 1 humorous Nov 6th
WINTER, DREAMS AND MEMORIES (HAIKU) Poem emmenay Haiku poem Nov 6th
The Babysitters Psalm Poem redfeather77720... humorous Nov 6th
Backwards All It Got You've Poem Contrasola 7 Backwards, Humor, Words Nov 6th
SOMEWHERE IN FANTSAYLAND Poem heatherburns35 somewhere in fantsayland Nov 6th
WHY I DRINK WITH THE SAQI Poem emmenay Nov 6th
Dyson Selph Poem Sivus Dyson Sphere, perspective, self, Space Nov 6th
Say Hey Poem Danielle 2 Nov 6th
Mushin Poem BruceXLeeroy 5 fighting, Martial Arts, Martial Philosophy, Mind of no Minds, Sonnet Nov 6th
Friendship #2 Poem allets 5 Nov 6th
Empty life Poem No1 1 Nov 6th
RT's Poem-1 (Scruple’s Door) Poem shawon1982 Nov 6th
vulnerable Poem redpyramid9000 Nov 6th
4 you guys Poem readmy5tuff 13 Nov 6th
Courage Is Earned Poem allets 2 Nov 6th
That Saturday ... by the kid's park ! Poem Not_A_Somalian_Guy Children, KIDS, Life, love Nov 6th
Writing Lets Me Be Me Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 6th
AIDS, Me & My Dear Mother .... Poem Not_A_Somalian_Guy Nov 6th
Follow Your Passions Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 6th
Luck eater Poem SSmoothie 2 Nov 6th
My Faerie Imp Poem Icanpiccem 3 Nov 6th
Harvest Poem cevance 7 autumn, Fall, POETRY Nov 6th
I hate having time to think, just bummed now, so here's a poem Poem toof 2 Nov 6th
When I think of him :) Poem lillycheer12345 1 Nov 6th
In My Own Reality Poem Kikaykit Nov 6th
Cookie Monster Poem Kikaykit Just for fun, subliminal poems Nov 6th
For Ayannah Nokomis Blanchette Poem FacelessFromThePaul Nov 6th
My Sweet Wet Love Poem TREXPATTON Sexy Nov 6th
She hopes He Loves Her Like She Loves Him Poem TREXPATTON implied sexuality Nov 6th
You're Just Teasing Me !! Poem TREXPATTON Girl In A Tavern. Nov 6th
Hushed Oath Poem TREXPATTON hoping Nov 6th
WRAPPED IN A SHROUD Poem emmenay Nov 6th
WHERE? (HAIKU) Poem emmenay Haiku poem Nov 6th
SEEKING PILGRIM (HAIKU) Poem emmenay Haiku poem Nov 6th
Stress Poem writinggirl93 Nov 6th
Special Poem writinggirl93 Nov 6th
For all of the above Poem wheneveriturnaround 1 Nov 6th
علمني حبك Poem yaramo Nov 6th
أسباب Poem unrulyspring 1 Nov 6th
Dreaming Of Angels and Enlightenment (While they laugh at us) Poem Jayne Nov 6th
Lullaby Poem Jayne Nov 7th
Grand Scheme Pt. 1: Dry Darkness Poem Resurgo_The_Phoenix Nov 7th
Moriarty wins again Poem incognito 1 Nov 7th
At least I still have basic math skills Poem running_with_rabbits 3 Nov 7th
PATHETIC INDEED! Poem emmenay Nov 7th
Untitled 11-06-2012 Poem honorao Nov 7th
Dreaming (shortie) Poem honorao Nov 7th
And then..... Poem honorao Nov 7th
American Me Poem keob678 Culture, Ethics, Ethnicity, geographic location, Identity, Race Nov 7th
It's Slippery Too Poem Kiddo friends, friendship, love, texting, worth Nov 7th
في البدء Poem humanpulse 3 Nov 7th
Kiss Death Poem life_used_to_be... 3 Nov 7th
Sixteen Lines Poem life_used_to_be... 3 Nov 7th
Waiting Poem Irockpoker -LovePoem- relationships Nov 7th
all knowing one Poem cherishfaith all knowing, all-one, Distant whispers, Nothing Nov 7th
Friend Poem writinggirl93 Nov 7th
tis i pray Poem CRIS Nov 7th
Wrong Side of Destiny Poem HeartofKaos Nov 7th
Thanksgiving Will Never Be the Same Poem LovingLovelace 2 Nov 7th
Lihona Kinkariu Poem LovingLovelace Nov 7th
Buried In An Unending Night Poem Kiddo 1 (For a friend Nov 7th
পূন্যবান কৃতঘ্ন Poem shawon1982 Nov 7th
The new President Poem randyjohnson funny, politics Nov 7th
LAST NIGHT AT THE TAVERN OF MY SAQI* Poem emmenay Inspirational and mystical based on factual happenings Nov 7th
And, this girl... Poem Icanpiccem 3 Nov 7th
For President Obama Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 7th
Life saver Poem Alexanderhf22 Brotherhood, growing up, Life saving, love, Suicide Nov 7th
love in air Poem ashishpruthi emotional, expressive, indirect purpose, romantic, starting love Nov 7th
One Simple Idea Poem LittleLennonGurl Nov 7th
positiveness in negative spaces Poem redpyramid9000 Nov 7th