Active Volcano

The pressure inside

when you and I 

are together 

builds and builds 

with every glance, 

every wink, 

every smile. 
But when we touch,

the pressure becomes too much to handle

and I erupt

like a volcano.

The molten lava melting

over my heart,

my lungs,

my brain,

heating every inch of my body

in the hot magma that is you.  

The Truth

This can’t go on
I can’t hold up
My everyday life is like
Emptying a cup
Always empty
Never filled
Always chasing
The new thrill

But you ask for verity
Here is the sound of truth:

I can’t go on
The phantom lives within
Two faces all the time
Lies only given
Praising you once
Then cursing the same
Both times I use
The power of Your name
Can’t cross this sea
There’s an ocean between us
That I just can’t sail
A battle within me
That I only fail
I can’t go on
I will explode
And brokenness is the aftermath
Brokenness is my aftermath

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Time Bomb

Why do I have to make people mad?
(Is it just, like, the way I am?)
Because whenever someone tells me something that is wrong
I explode just like a time bomb.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

So now I have stuff to post, old stuff, and it may not be a lot but it seems like a lot to me.

Anyway this poem is about how I can't seem to simply be quiet when someone is saying something I disagree with.

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