Honest Tears

Tears flowing from your profound eyes
They unwrap the truth, where are the lies?
I believe them, I adore them,
In have faith in them,
These honest tears will indeed turn into honest smiles

That’s your heart, and this is mine
Interspersed they are in love so divine
Complicated they are, difficult to decipher
Songs of strident past are often played by the piper

Strident past… in itself is an incomplete whole
Past passes and leaves behind crestfallen souls
It cannot be thrown away, just cannot be buried
Coz to what we our… only our past leads

But a little ahead from the past,
I could so sense the cupid’s attack
Hurting me with the pain of love
A feeling which almost nowhere lacks

I so want this feeling to dwell in us,
I so want to love u with complete trust
Apart from the twinge felt in my heart,
I still know, I can be in your arms
Close my eyes, and see the bright world,
Where our love, our passion, our souls unfold

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GOHIL48's picture

your poems are so deep and

your poems are so deep and beautiful:)

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:) thanks for reading them

:) thanks for reading them


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Nice Sentiments

Soft and warm verses in a hard cold world. Refreshing - Lady A



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I am glad.

I am glad. Thanks for reading :)