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Expressive outlets, Acting, singing, writing etc.
My fav bands are The Shins, Something Corporate, The Beatles, Cobra Starship, Modest Mouse, Sufjan Stevens, Jeff Buckley, Elliot Smith, Jimmy Eat World, non main stream music..
I love comedy with a passion.
Russel Howard, Arj Barker, The Umbilical Brothers, Danny Bhoy.

In my attempt to make my life more purposeful, I hope that even if I go through life not accomplishing anything of worth of value, that each and every person I come into contact with, I make them happy, even if it's only just once. That to me would mean the world.
(Note: I find it very hard to talk with people so poetry is my outlet for my emotions, most of my work reflects things I feel in regards to events or people in my life at the time. Therefore much of my work is very depressing and dark)

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It's described as never ending.

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''No One Gets Out Alive''- Jim Morrison
''If I Die Before I Wake I Want To Be A Star, But The Stars Die Before They Shine, But Their Beauty Travels Far''- Katie
''Don't Look Up Just Let Them Think There's No Place Else You'd Rather Be''- Paramore


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