I Plead...

Lost..lost lost.. lost I am…
thinkin of you day and night
Have mercy on me my love
Pay heed to your lover’s plight

I bite my nails and stare nowhere
I take an aimless flight
So show some courtesy my love
Pay heed to your lover’s plight

I think and think, weep and weep
Where lost you are…have no clue
And the droplets of my eyes have frozen
On my cheek in the form of dew

Long.. long.. long
Is the distance and I so long for you
So come and meet me, rush my love..
Coz for us the hours are few

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I admit.. I have never had

I admit.. I have never had any sort of romantic notions during my teenage years ... ( Been head lost in love .. but you know, not-the-romantic sort ) ... although if I had been the object of your attention and had read your poem .. I think I would have paid heed to the lover's plight ... :)

Nicely Done .. Keep it up Senorita .. :)

He who knoweth himself ... knoweth the world ....

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It that case... I must say you have taken great efforts to read this lovey dovey piece...thanks for reading, thanks for your wonderful words :)


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i think its so cute n

i think its so cute n lovely:D

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A Message To A Beloved

Like a message in a bottle, or a note inside oragami, a side smile gesture...you are mastering the side glance, the not so subtle subtle invitation to love - nice perspective - when you take wing and write about the world and all that is in it, we will rejoice even more at the poet's voice singing - Lady A