One Missed Call

I think, today, I'm going to smash my phone with a hammer.
because everytime it goes off, I get a false sense of hope that it'll be you at the other end.

But you're not there,

you never are,

so instead of sitting here wishing upon stars,

I'll distroy the thing that causes me so much pain.

On second hand, maybe I'll wait until tomorrow...
you know...
incase you decide to call.  

It's Slippery Too

 A message so short contains prayers like a restive night.

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for Aurora

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We Texted Each Other Last Night

My thoughts

We texted each other last night,
all the way up to the time
that I had to stop,
say goodbye,
take my medicine,
and go to bed.


But one thing that
has been bugging me,
is how you seemed to think
that me talking to you was
a waste of my time.


I don't understand what
the heck it is that you
were trying to say to me.


Did you not want to talk to me?

Is there something wrong with texting me?

Did you not want to text me?

I'm really confused about it all!


Why can't you just tell me
what was on your mind,
so I can understand what
was going on.


Because I truly want
to figure this out!


I want to know
what was going on,
so I can understand better.


We texted each other last night,
and I felt really good about it.


At least, I was until
you started acting so strange,
and not telling me what
you were thinking,
or whether you didn't want
to talk to me.


Did you not want to talk to me?

 If that's so, then why?
I want to know,
it's bugging me,
inside and out.

It's going to drive me nuts!


Just tell me what was going on.
Just tell me why you were acting strange.
Just tell me whether you are okay with texting me.


Just come on!

Just tell me, dude!
Tell me,
tell me!


I've told you that I like you,
to which you said that
friends were better.


So I think I can handle you
not wanting to text me.

 I won't die from it,
if that's what you're thinking.


Just come on!

 Just tell me, man!
Tell me,
tell me!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Something I wrote about how I was feeling about what happened while me and this guy friend were texting...

Any Comments are welcome!

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