A Contraceptive Pill

I m 23, in my early adulthood
Unstable, uncertain about my future
I have a job, a family and a smart boyfriend
Although, life seems complicated to decipher

Thoughtless, intuitive are my actions
I do things unexpectedly on a whim
That’s how I don’t think twice before falling in his arms
And making out with him in my dream

I m talking about my guy, my smart boyfriend
He who has the power to take my senses away
Although I am known for my will and wit
His presence somehow leaves my logic astray

His vigor compels me so much so
His driving force takes the hell out of me
Enamored by his lustful charms
I give away space, time and energy

Nothing good or bad, thoughts are void
With him all feels right, what can be wrong?
So when he enters my being and completes me
On the beats of orgasmic pleasure, heart sings a song

Up high in the sky with my guy
Those few seconds shower the joy of eternity
Wish I could stay there and not come back; however,
As pleasure fades away, senses meet reality

And we wake up with a question so obvious
What next to prevent conception?
Popping up a pill to save the bill
Seems to be the only logical solution

Pill - a precursor to the unforeseen side-effects
Both physical and mental embodied in one
Post which all complications of life ensues
It no more seems pleasing and fun

It is me, the woman fighting myself inside
Stuck in the dilemma of pragmatism and motherhood
It was all orgasmic and complete a while back
But now the hurricane within seems to brood

This goes on and on till the fear is gone
And all set I am to take the plunge again
How powerful is my pill, it prevented birth in me!
Could it prevent the birth of my maternal instincts?
- question remains!

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