On My Farewell...

I bid Adieu!
To the time I first entered your premises and felt the warmth around
To those positive vibes I had, those vibes so profound
To all that belongs to you, to the entire cast and crew
I bid Adieu
To the dawn of my career in your company
To the very first project handled by me
To the first ‘WOW’ I received from you
I bid Adieu!
To my first combat with your people on the floor
To all those bittersweet memories kept in store
To your care for me and my care for you
I bid Adieu!
To the tea break, lunch break and all time meant for gossip’s sake
To those pizzas, coffee mugs and birthday cakes
To a blissful home turned into merciless zoo
I bid Adieu
To those memories on the floor I shared with my guy
To some of those making me smile and some making me cry
To the lovely time when my heart concocted the brew
I bid Adieu!
To the time sincere tears rolled down my eyes
To every place where the lingering sound of my laughter lies
To all my people under your roof, left anyways so few
I bid Adieu!

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Cohesive Writing

The glue of this poem is the repetition (though not as successful as in other poems by you) still you ideate and translate what can be felt well - Lady A



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Thanks for reading this one!
It is a poem written just after my farewell... not ornate... it dint mean to be... just an attempt to put forth what was felt on the day :)