Faith Hope

Job Search

I feel like I'm missing something
A keyword, phrase, or title
A location, a preferred setting
An advanced search subscription.

Reviewing the last many years
To put in a page or two
Summarized experiences
Skills, hobbies and interest

Browsing a close-up picture
Making a title they call a Headline
But perhaps a catchy Tagline
A self-marketing phrase

I am searching.
The diverse things I tried in the past
What's common or not
For that is what shall I look for in the present
To feed me, and cause me breathe for the future

Yes I am searching for a job.
For the young overachiever
For the envied and politicized employee of the year
For the poor generalist, and master of none
For the daughter, sister, and breadwinner
For the lover
For the dreamer
And me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

While searching for jobs over the internet, one cannot help but feel the emotions of an unemployed. An unemployed right before Christmas.

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Pure Love

I see through your eyes, I see out from mine.
What do I know of true love while sinking in the sands of time?
There is a treasure hidden, i can feel it in every cell
Although I can not see it, I know it very well.
If i must give it a physical description, it is like a diamond the size of a heart
So crystal clear and pure, with every spectrum of light, even the ones not seen with the human eyes,
this light is piercing through the ones who plot destruction, revealing every lie.
In a world of confusion, what can we do, except for focus merely on truth?
Your intellect and analyzing will only leave you confused.
When you think you have the answer, the entire question changes,
let love flow through every one of your veins then.
All I can count on is love, love will lead me home.
I am home. I am here, now in a place beyond space and time
no illusions, no fear, no hidden demise.
There is a treasure hidden, i can feel it in every cell
Although I can not see it, I know it very well.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I know what darkness feels like, the feeling of being so cold I go numb. I know what it tastes like. The bitterness of no hope, of not knowing whats real, whats fake, of dis ease. The bitterness can be felt in the heart.

The darkness has caused me to head towards the light, to appreciate it to the greatest extent. with my heart finally melting, no longer hardened, frozen like stone and bitter. I can feel it melting, as I run back towards home, knowing all is well. All has always been well. I have always been loved far more than I could fathom. This ultimate source of love is infinite, it will never cease to be. The light will always be. We will always be a bit of this eternal love and light, connected and in perfect harmony with all. All is well, you can rest in that. Now you can breathe (: It is an intuitive knowing, more real than anything in this physical realm. More "me" than this body. It is a truth that goes far deeper than just the mind. Just know I am always here for you, there is always someone who loves you.

In The Fire

In the Fire

Here I am Lord –
Exposed and naked

You see every challenge
I know by faith I will make it.

This testing and trying
In the fire is hot

It’s your purpose for me
Give up – I will not

Instead I’ll lift up your name
And in the heat of the flame, I will give you praise.

I will press on until I finish this race
Through heartache and pain,
I will seek your face.

Do you see Your reflection, Lord?
If not put me back –
In the refiner’s fire – so I will have no lack.

Purge out everything that is contrary to You
Make me pure, Lord like the fresh morning dew

Here I am Lord your humble vessel –
Make me more like you.

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My Favorite Quotes

Happiness is earned when you share yours abundantly... prb.

"God always has a ram in the bush!"


I feel that:

" Lust is when you love what you see!

Love is when you lust for what�s inside." -

Renee Conkle


"You can tell how big the character of a man is, by what it takes to discourage him"


"If you can't be truly honest with yourself? Then

how can you be honest with and to others truly?" - PRB


"Food For Thought

An admission of error is a sign of strength rather than a confession of weakness!"


"If we deny love that's given to us, if we refuse to give love because we fear pain or loss, then our lives will be empty, our loss that much greater."


He who conquers others is strong; he who conquers himself is mighty"- Lao-tzu


Love with honesty, and the love will be pure and lasting.

Love with deceit, and the Love will rot away. PRB

Are you able to deal with the things in your life? Or, are they dealing with you? Take charge of you life and live it to the fullest! Release yourself from the drudgery have a ball!! PRB

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Bet you have heard a few of these some place, huh?

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