May you be exalted


May you be glorified

Em             G

In this life that you gave to me


May your word be applied

Em             G

In this life that you gave to me


may your will not be halted

Em             G                     D

In this life that you gave to me


Verse 1:


G                             C                              D

Humble servant that I desperately want to be

C                                            D

come before you on bended knees


Pleading Simply




Verse 2:


If only humble servants we were

We'd come before you in tears

Pleading Simply


(Chorus 2xs)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

You can hear this one at:


This is an attempt at a praise and worship song.

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Cock-crowing colliding with day break
Which smarting the face of snorring woman like drake
The moving engine queues on like mating flies
And its pim-pim-pim booms the market's ear like clattering glass
Which makes the flap-flap legs to be intertwined like dispersing ants


Unseasoned masquarade greets people with prayers in return for wants
And bizzers shout as bidders chat with them like empathic clown
That makes the prayers and shouts to throw an euphonic tune

The dun-n-du-dun of dundun and


Accompanying of the para-para n-pa-pa

Of bata drum dance the waist of market's women
To the ceremony throws by newly chosen people's man
Which paid a homage visit to thank their thumbs



The warmth greeting of palace which standing on the hill
And waving towards everyone who comes on its heel;
A benevolence and gesture of immaculated event
The purchasing of all desired goods at a considerable price;

A worthwhile kindness that stars the beauty of the market



'Oja'ba' a wide valley that embraces the nicety of may
A field that grows millions of naira a day
Sky around you brightens the faces of all with smiles

As pockets fulling on financial miles


Oja'ba a heart that breathens the chest of the town
Thank you for being in the centre of African proud town


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The Cross

The Cross. The cross, the cross,

All I have I now count it all as loss.

His great love humbled and nailed to a tree

But, because of that pain, we are now declared free.  

Oh, the cross, the cross  

from pain to beauty, and suffering to joy

But as I look to the cross, all I have I count it all as loss.

 The cross, the cross

Where the word who became flesh was then torn

But, because of that love, into God’s family we were born!

“It is finished!”, He said.

And ever since that great cry, our sin has been diminished

The Truth

This can’t go on
I can’t hold up
My everyday life is like
Emptying a cup
Always empty
Never filled
Always chasing
The new thrill

But you ask for verity
Here is the sound of truth:

I can’t go on
The phantom lives within
Two faces all the time
Lies only given
Praising you once
Then cursing the same
Both times I use
The power of Your name
Can’t cross this sea
There’s an ocean between us
That I just can’t sail
A battle within me
That I only fail
I can’t go on
I will explode
And brokenness is the aftermath
Brokenness is my aftermath

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Human Too

If I can’t walk on water
Or cannot path the sea

I must remember the word human refers to me

No matter what materials or title I receive
Cannot compare to what Jesus has done for me

So Lord when I begin to forget
Just remind me with a sign
That all men are created equal – and only YOU are divine…

For sometimes I begin to forget – because of my human ways
And begin to believe – I too deserve praise

Lord help me to remember – that I am human too
And all the praises in this world belongs to only you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Is a perfect piece of art for anyone making worldly advances. A reminder to everyone that all men are created equal. A great admonition of our short comings to the miracles of Christ. The perfect gift for anyone making positive changes.

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Listen Deep..

Free Flow

The sound of his voice echos through the clouds
As the rain pounds the earth washing us clean
For it is his blessing that reigns supreme
Bound in his glory, we should surly praise
The clouds from on high, our souls he just saved
Stretch your arms wide and give a stranger a hug
Feed them
Clothe them
Pray for them
Leaned a helping hand
Where we are weak
God makes us stronger
Nothing can tear us down
Make us fall from glory
Bow to the earth and listen deep
You can hear the sound of his feet
Bloody and pierced
Yet he gathers his sheep
Letting no one go a stray
Letting no voice go unheard
He answers you when you call out to him
So why dont you heard his crying
In the midnight hour, weeping for our souls
Never turn deaths ear upon us
Even when we know we may deserve it
Forgiveness, He screams from his loins
The way to heaven is through our Praise
Listen deep, to the sound of his love
As the sky fills with a thousand white doves
Breathed from Glory
Praises we must sing
Praises to the heavens
As His soul listens deep

(c) 2012 Cassandra Evolutionsofpoetry Covington

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My Praise is not For Sale, Is there No Justice (collabration with Makeisha Williams & Evolutions of Poetry)


Here i stand looking for my sword
Only to here i gotta pay
Before i can fill my soul with the word
Where they do that at
And what happen to freedom of religion
Church is not the only place to have bible studies
Sometimes it's good to break away among the sisters
Read Gods word and share in His praise
So why do i have to pay
Just to worship God in my home
Where it is my throne to his loving grace
Where he tends to my every need
Where we met in exaltation's
As he takes me to the next level
There is no amount of money
That could make me stop
Praising my Savior
Don't get me wrong I mean no disrespect,
But seriously
I Don't see then charging Jehovah Witnesses
For knocking at my door
Wanting to teach us about their word
So why must our freedom of religion
Be tagged and fined
Just for having bible study at home
Or our side of a church building
God says,
Church starts within your heart
So where we choose to Assemble
Want matter as long as we continue to Praise Him
So throw away your Fines
Or lock me away
Because I am still going to Praise my Jesus
In my home
Church Parking lot
At Mc Donalds
Or even Big Lots
Where ever I am
When the Presence of the lord hits me
I'll fall to my knees
And give him the ultimate Glory
So Locking me away want stop My Praise...~Eop~

I refuse to be confined to the walls of the temple,
just as my life, my praise is “not” simple
so lock me up and throw away the key,
God will still hear my plea,
He will still give me the VICTORY,
they can chain me to ground,
starve me until I lose forty pounds
but I will continue to be heaven bound,
cause can’t nobody run where they don’t pay the rent
especially if its where my money is spent,
God is the rock of my salvation
and served as the basis of this nation
yet they want to remove Him from the places He is needed the most
as if the His presence isn’t needed in homes from coast to coast,
I don’t mean to be one to boast
but I will Holy Ghost praise
even when the police is in my face
cause I don’t mind catching a case
all in the name of my Jesus
who has healed me time and time again,
died to cover all of my sins,
protected me and family from harms way
so if we feel the need to go down on our knees,
sing our songs giving Him the glory
while sharing our personal story
then our obedience to Christ is worth the sacrifice
of praising in our home without thinking twice,
willingly being ready to pay the price
even if it cost me my life
cause I am determined to live and die all in the name in God
so the authorities better choose their battle wisely before they start,
especially when they still spending money that says “In God We Trust,”
yet bound and determine to throw Him in the dust,
I won’t stand for this disrespect of my Savior,
so don’t me shocked by my behavior
cause I am bout to lunge with the Bible as my gun
leaving this world to be stunned
just I am the one being shunned
for allowing my praise to remain the same
as if the threat of a fee could penetrate a change,
God is my heart, my soul, my love
so to Him I will always give the praise,
the honor and the glory
just because He gave me strength to tell my story~MAW

(c) 2012 Makeisha A. Williams & cassandra Evolutionsofpoetry covington

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Collabo was created from a new story we saw about a family being arrested and fined for having bible study in their home. This is nothing new to us we do it all the time but now there is a law that says you must pay to worship God in your own home..

Friends of Jesus...

Oh what a special friend we have in Jesus
He will hold us tight to keep us warm
He will dry our eyes from the tears of life's most heaviest storms
He will never lie to your face
Tell you He loves you then stab you in the back
He will never steal from you
But He choose to restore what other will
Oh what a friend we have in Jesus

Can you count the ways
He has saved your life
Or the life of someone you hold close to your heart
How many nights have you cried out for Him
Within an instance you will feel His touch
Glory to His name
Oh how blessed we are to have a friend in Jesus~Eop~

Luke Facing God and Getting Stronger

I bow my face before you Father
Seeking you ceaselessly
Worshiping your presences

My teacher
Please teach me of you word
Help me to study daily
As I walk amongst this earth

My professor
Please help me to strive hard
To know all things are possible
Through the clouds and rain
I can see clearly
When i hide myself with you

My doctor
Thank you for healing my body
Removing all sickness from with in my family
For showing me healing with in your word
For the gift of laying Hands
On the lame

My father
Raised me up to be a loving man
A hard worker
Dedicated to taking care of my family
Thank you for helping me
To break the family chains
The ties that have held us up
For the generational curses have been broken

Thank you for trusting me
With your Holy Sword
As i kneeled down before you
I prayed for your guidance
I prayed that you would see the real man within me
Ever so worthy of your loving grace
As i plead for your mercy
For this world that suffers around me
Let me not fall victim
Or become a static
of blind world tragedies

Facing you was a great achievement
And through your Power
My soul gets strong
Through you blessings
My sons life will be different
My daughter want be without a father
And my wife will know i truly
Worships the ground she walks on
Simply because it is Holy
It is the pillar of dust
From which we come
And one day we will return

I thank you Father
For such a blessed experience
Nothing could have prepared me
For such sweet lessons
To bask in your Glory
As you taught me
As you are still teaching me
Life can only strengthen me
For the ultimate battle
Within myself

(c) 2012 cassandra Evolutionsofpoetry covington

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