Monthly Archive for October 2012

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
The filthy truth Poem SSmoothie Oct 1st
Solace and molestations Poem SSmoothie 2 Oct 1st
Neutron Star Poem ADAPT 2 Neutron Star Oct 1st
nobriety Poem readmy5tuff 4 Oct 1st
Talking to myself. Poem SSmoothie 16 Oct 1st
Moan Poem CaspertheUnfriendly Lust, regret., secrets, sex Oct 1st
Duty Poem onestrueheart Oct 1st
(In)Sanity Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 1st
Sometimes Poem ValentineBuchannan 1 Oct 1st
Happy October Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 1st
Smile (You Never Know) Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 1st
what have i lost Poem somnath Oct 1st
Never Alone Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 1st
Full Moon Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 1st
You Think You know Me (Do You Even Know You) Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 1st
I Choose To Stand (Against The Death Penalty) Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 1st
I Choose To Stand (For My Fellow Man) Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 1st
جمک اٹھی ےفصا Poem ruby -LovePoem- Oct 1st
Me. Poem Red.Autumn.XXXXII Oct 1st
Stolen Words I Poem Red.Autumn.XXXXII Oct 1st
Stolen Words II Poem Red.Autumn.XXXXII Oct 1st
EggShroom Poem Red.Autumn.XXXXII 2 Oct 1st
Listen Poem Red.Autumn.XXXXII Oct 1st
Red Across The Ground Poem LovingLovelace Oct 1st
I Need a Stronger Heart Poem Kikaykit 2 Being Weak Oct 1st
I have always loved Poem LovingLovelace Oct 1st
My Journey Poem 9inety 2 Oct 1st
Nuances: Unspoiled Grapes Poem S74rw4rd Oct 1st
Uncomfortable Poem pinkdot7 8 Oct 1st
Nuances: Amateur Excavation Poem S74rw4rd Oct 1st
The obsessive factor Poem SSmoothie 5 Oct 1st
Without a Home Poem metaphorist Oct 1st
Actually After Poem pinkdot7 Oct 2nd
Screaming Sky Poem pinkdot7 2 Oct 2nd
Forever Thank you Poem PerezLeo beautifull, forever, love Oct 2nd
Love As Infinity Poem allets 8 A love poem Oct 2nd
Thinking About Tomorrow Poem NightPollen Oct 2nd
What it means to be a Drake. Poem ADAPT Oct 2nd
The way it 'twas Poem NightPollen Oct 2nd
Predicting the Future Poem ADAPT Oct 2nd
The truth Poem MyinsecureSelf Oct 2nd
Perspectives Poem K.o.D 2 Forgiveness selfishness Oct 2nd
1 year Poem AirAm Oct 2nd
THE SAD FATE OF TRUE LOVERS (GHAZAL) Poem emmenay Ghazal Oct 2nd
AMAZING! Poem emmenay Oct 2nd
LOVE'S RRAGRANCE...AND AGONY (GHAZAL) Poem emmenay Ghazal Oct 2nd
Ignition of intent Poem SSmoothie 2 Oct 2nd
Dark thoughts inside Poem K.o.D 2 Meaningless sadness Oct 2nd
Her Particular Secret Poem Sivus therapy Oct 2nd
My purpose Poem K.o.D Purpose love happiness Oct 2nd
The Suffering Poem ADAPT Oct 2nd
Where its Hot Poem MyinsecureSelf 2 Oct 2nd
প্রথম ভারতীয় সাহাবী হযরত তাজউদ্দীন চেরামান পেরুমল (রাঃ) Poem shawon1982 Oct 2nd
Think About It (Who Are You) Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 2nd
Be Who You Are Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 2nd
Look In The Mirror (Who Do You See) Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 2nd
In This Together Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 2nd
Beautiful Moon (Can You Tell Me Why) Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 2nd
Do You Really Believe Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 2nd
For him<3 Poem Katkimie03 12 Oct 2nd
Who You Are Supposed To Be Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 2nd
Society Needs To Help And See (Those living And Dying On The streets) Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 2nd
MORE ABOUT LOVE AND BROKEN HEARTS. Poem emmenay A poem about love Oct 2nd
THE TRUTH ABOUT TRUE LOVE Poem emmenay Ghaza --l which, Here, is a sad love poem inspired by true love stories Oct 2nd
MUHAMMAD ALI VS JERRY QUARRY-1 Poem emmenay Sports Oct 2nd
Rise Above Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 2nd
The Door Knob Poem battlepink 5 Oct 2nd
Footnote: The Vanquished Poem S74rw4rd Oct 2nd
Deleting myself Poem SSmoothie 8 Oct 2nd
THE BLOOD-RED GLOW OF TRUE LOVERS Poem emmenay divine and mystical love Oct 2nd
Sleepy Subroutine Poem Sivus Mornings Oct 2nd
Lost Poem Readjustedtolife 1 Relationships truth about love Oct 2nd
A night with The Lizard King Poem SoulKritiC seduction Oct 2nd
Life jackets Poem randyjohnson People, safety Oct 2nd
Plan Poem writinggirl93 Oct 2nd
Flower Poem writinggirl93 Oct 2nd
Mind Poem writinggirl93 Oct 2nd
Full Circle Poem metaphorist Oct 2nd
Voyeur Poem metaphorist Oct 2nd
Vomit Poem metaphorist Oct 2nd
New World Poem RobertKalilainen22. 3 earth and women Oct 3rd
The Best Guy Friends :D Poem babe1233 Oct 3rd
July 9th 2012 10:35 pm Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Oct 3rd
Real Meaning Of Life Poem trumpet7 Oct 3rd
Caffeine high Poem running_with_rabbits 3 Oct 3rd
Until I opened that envelope Poem running_with_rabbits Oct 3rd
A Great Feeling Poem Silver__lining Oct 3rd
Living Backwards Poem ADAPT Oct 3rd
so I'm going on the donor list ****title may change****** Poem running_with_rabbits 8 Oct 3rd
Once Mine Poem Silver__lining Oct 3rd
Breathing Poem roadgrog 1 Oct 3rd
Just One Night Poem Silver__lining Oct 3rd
Free Fall Poem roadgrog 1 Oct 3rd
Followers & Swallowers Poem Silver__lining Oct 3rd
Fleeing Poem roadgrog 2 Oct 3rd
The Iron Race Poem bluebird_ 1 Oct 3rd
Pseudo Celebrity Poem Lori1025 Oct 3rd
Hasn't Changed Poem BBran91 Oct 3rd
Peace With the No Poem Sivus Abstract Oct 3rd
He Consumes All Poem Evans10 5 Oct 3rd
STRANGE ENIGMA Poem emmenay Oct 3rd
WINTER BREEZE Poem emmenay 1 Haiku Poetry Oct 3rd
To a friend Poem K.o.D 2 Friendship happiness selflessness love Oct 3rd
The Beginning of The End Poem montyc6 2 Oct 3rd
My Murder Poem MyinsecureSelf 5 Oct 3rd
As Death Waits *Mature Readers* Poem MatthewWayne 5 death, Depression, insanity, Thoughts Oct 3rd
Ignorance killed the lovers stars Poem SSmoothie 7 Oct 3rd
Uprooted Forest. Poem CaspertheUnfriendly Oct 3rd
Open Your Eyes Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 3rd
Sorry i wrote this... Poem rjnmhrjn 8 loneliness sad why apology Oct 3rd
her artistic style Poem 9inety 4 Oct 3rd
Butterfly Poem cevance 2 butterfly, MAGICAL, nature Oct 3rd
Journey Of Souls Poem Lori1025 Oct 3rd
Twister Poem randyjohnson death, sad, Tragedy Oct 3rd
Dear not done folder Poem running_with_rabbits Oct 3rd
I need to take the -I love you-’s away* Poem running_with_rabbits 4 Oct 3rd
Watermark Poem metaphorist Oct 3rd
My Definition Poem metaphorist Oct 3rd
Oh the places I’ll go without you Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Oct 3rd
Where’s your man?* Poem running_with_rabbits 4 Oct 3rd
Then they run Poem running_with_rabbits 6 Oct 3rd
Give or Take Poem roses.are.trans... impossible love Oct 3rd
Transitory Thoughts Prose Sivus emotion, Life, Logic, Philosophy, Rant Oct 3rd
Enclosed Bathroom Poem aphlix Oct 4th
I am unearthly and inexperienced Poem Listentoyourhea... 2 Oct 4th
Enclosed Bathroom Poem aphlix 2 Oct 4th
Verbal verbatim of a vast and venomous mind Poem VerbalVerbatim Intro, story Oct 4th
This Ones For The Guys Poem Lori1025 4 Oct 4th
I Kissed A Frog Poem Lori1025 1 Oct 4th
Nuances: Energy Policy, 1 Poem S74rw4rd Oct 4th
Nuances: Energy Policy, 2 Poem S74rw4rd Oct 4th
Nuances: Energy Policy, 3 Poem S74rw4rd Oct 4th
Nuances: Energy Policy, 4 Poem S74rw4rd Oct 4th
Blind Poem writinggirl93 Oct 4th
Love Affair Poem workm Oct 4th
ANGRY EARTH Poem emmenay Haiku poem Oct 4th
TURBULENT WAVES Poem emmenay Haiku poem Oct 4th
Where is home Poem mystery7905 Oct 4th
War Theatre Poem SoulKritiC War Oct 4th
Mystery Poem Beavis 12 Oct 4th
My God Poem SoulKritiC Worship Praise Love Relationship Oct 4th
All I Know Poem SoulKritiC dedication to life Oct 4th
DEFUNCT Poem spiderwax death Oct 4th
MY EVER GLISTENING GEMS Poem emmenay An deeply felt and overwhelming love poem with lots of meaning, emotion, feelings, passion and memories., pathos Oct 4th
An idle Poem Keisuke beauty sadness image Oct 4th
IN THE H**D Poem spiderwax Oct 4th
When Will We Start Learning Poem LittleLennonGurl 1 Oct 4th
Truth Poem LittleLennonGurl 1 Oct 4th
Living Contradiction Poem Cruelty 3 Oct 4th
BLUE RAINCOAT Poem palewingedpoetess 5 Oct 4th
Rest in peace Poem montyc6 3 Oct 4th
Despair Poem Seraphim 3 Abuse, anguish, death, Depression, DESPAIR, emotion, Pain, self-reproach, sorrow Oct 4th
The World Poem Dark_Scorpion anger Oct 4th
Six months to live Poem randyjohnson Alcoholism, death, sad Oct 4th
PAST PLEASURE PARTICIPLE Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 4th
Citation Poem allets Oct 4th
Love Is Love Poem Dark_Scorpion love Oct 4th
Higher Power Poem Dark_Scorpion Thoughts Oct 4th
God's Children Poem SoulKritiC sinners Oct 4th
Risk Poem SoulKritiC Daring Oct 4th
Reality isn't real Poem Simply_georgous12 Oct 4th
Wake Me Up When September Ends Poem metaphorist Oct 4th
Mind As A Book Poem allets 2 Oct 4th
Imagination Poem Dark_Scorpion Life, personal Oct 4th
You Know Poem LovingLovelace Oct 4th
To Know Poem LovingLovelace Oct 4th
Nightmare's daydream Poem clutchforbalance 1 Oct 5th
A Good Book Poem rblack952 1 Oct 5th
Who am I? Poem Elfy 4 Oct 5th
Attention Whore Poem Elfy 1 Oct 5th
Little Pieace of Green Poem Elfy Oct 5th
Bounds Poem Envy Oct 5th
Creator Poem Envy Oct 5th
Vampire Poem Envy Oct 5th
your mask.. stare its ok... Poem lewisifer Oct 5th
Wahoo Wuhan Poem owlcrkbrg 4 Oct 5th
Am i Poem lewisifer Oct 5th
rorrim Poem lewisifer Oct 5th
Before... Poem SoulKritiC self-criticism Oct 5th
THE TREE OF LOSS Poem emmenay philosophical Oct 5th
Colorless Poem MyinsecureSelf Oct 5th
I think too much about things that don't matter, but I love you. Poem dampsoup 1 love sad depressed whatver Oct 5th
My Addiction Poem Nyx 1 Oct 5th
Epigram: Partying Poem S74rw4rd Oct 5th
Nuances: Daydream Poem S74rw4rd Oct 5th
Unlawful custody (for b, version b). Poem SSmoothie 2 Oct 5th
Society Is Like A Deck Of Cards Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 5th
The Biggest Handicap In Life (Is A Closed Mind) Poem LittleLennonGurl Oct 5th
My Latin Darling Poem Oroborus animals, change, Parenting, Puppy Love Oct 5th
Birthday Poem writinggirl93 1 Oct 5th
Slide Poem writinggirl93 1 Oct 5th
Doors Poem LovingLovelace 2 Oct 5th
Lovers Suspended Poem Sivus Life, love, relationships, romance Oct 5th
Perhaps it's a chemical thing Poem Beavis 17 Oct 5th
I tried Poem sansiro Oct 5th
Bang goes the bliss bomb! Poem SSmoothie 7 Oct 5th
More Than a Word Poem metaphorist Oct 5th
A Rotten Scoundrel Poem metaphorist Oct 5th
Poisoned Poem metaphorist Oct 5th
Better Off Poem metaphorist Oct 5th
Cry Poem metaphorist Oct 5th
Time is Money Poem metaphorist 1 Oct 5th
Nebula Eats Satellites Poem Sivus 1 Oct 5th
Want You Gone Poem BloodShotLies Oct 5th
What Doubt? Poem VerbalVerbatim 2 criticism, feelings, Redemption Oct 5th
Duct Tape Poem redzone 2 misc. Oct 5th
Parrots Poem SpecialSense 6 Oct 5th
Words, Smooth Like A River Poem redzone 1 misc. Oct 5th
The Romeo with no Juliet Poem VerbalVerbatim 2 a love poam Oct 5th
I want YOU Poem XxF00LxX desire, dream, Infatuation, me, you Oct 6th
Truth That Sets You Free Poem trumpet7 Oct 6th
Prisoner Poem andy409 2 Oct 6th
ABOUT A MAN AND HIS WIFE Poem emmenay Oct 6th
THE KNIFE Poem emmenay Allegorical Oct 6th
POVERTY AND BEAUTY Poem emmenay Oct 6th
A SEETHING POT Poem emmenay Oct 6th
HYPOCRISY Poem emmenay Oct 6th
SOME FACTS, SOME TRUTHS Poem emmenay Oct 6th
THE HOURI Poem emmenay Oct 6th
secrets Poem angelic a secret Oct 6th
anxiety Poem readmy5tuff 6 Oct 6th
Already forging ahead Poem indigo_blu 1 Work Sucks Oct 6th
you know you too Poem PPL 2 Oct 6th
Suppositions of choice Poem SSmoothie 4 Oct 6th
THOSE MISOGYNISTIC STONES Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 6th
7-23-12 Poem montyc6 Oct 6th
2-22-12 Poem montyc6 Oct 6th
Summertime Loving Poem montyc6 Oct 6th
Where has the Times Gone? Poem Dazedloser99 5 Oct 6th
The New World Poem Dazedloser99 Oct 6th
skull Poem wreckingball86 Oct 6th
Eyes Closed Poem ADAPT Oct 6th
Meaning of Life Poem ThomASSteeley 3 anything, everything, feelings, Life Oct 7th
2 Cent Poem ThomASSteeley Oct 7th
is there something wrong with me Poem amacris 1 Oct 7th
Cliches' Poem EMANPZ 1 Life, love Oct 7th
I Could Never Poem krisharbor5526 Oct 7th
You Are Poem EMANPZ love Oct 7th
Testimony Poem Applefam21 Oct 7th
Machinery Poem TheoDeville Oct 7th
The River Runs Poem allets Oct 7th
Death Came Poem SoulKritiC dying young Oct 7th
HOLY DAY ...'HOLIDAY' Poem emmenay Inspirational Oct 7th
LOVE'S GAMBLES (GHAZAL) Poem emmenay Ghazal Oct 7th
Blue eyes Poem Josephschabach Oct 7th