The Romeo with no Juliet

"Deny they father and refuse thy name"
You've heard this story before, but mine is not quite the same.

You see, I refuse my name, not for love,
but for redemption, a second chance from whatever lies above.

Because with my name comes a price.
The price is a curse I must always suffice.
The curse to believe, yet feel worthless.

Though I must confess,
I wish for there to be a god that would bless this mess.
bless me and let me find love.
But I'm not that fortunate,
I have no guidance from above.
And no matter how hard I search, I can't seem to find it yet.
Like a Romeo, with no Juliet.

-The Despair

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I was expectin' ROMEO

The lad of Shakespearean lore who was a womanizer, fell in love easily (aka Rosamond who had his nose so far open you could drive a priest and his horse through it). No poison, not family tombs, no too late arrival, too late awakening...where's the Juliet connection. They died, star crossed lover - where's the Romeo? Romeo got married and got laid, where's the love story, the tragedy? Did I miss something? Hey, I love Shakes, the Bard, where's the Elizabethan sonnet? - Just fooling around, I read Shakes for pleasure - Chaucer too - Loved the poem - Lady A



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honestly, your comments on my

honestly, your comments on my poems have got to be my favorite, haha

Verbal Verbatim