A poem about love

Love Is


Love is like a well

As you go deeper

All things go darker


When you sink on its end,

You won't know you drowned

You think all are sound


Love is like a bottle

You can fill it up

You can break it up


You'll never know when it's full

You think all are wonderful

Until you find yourself doomed


Love is like a brick

So firm that you can build a house

But strong enough to bring it down


This brick can be a tool

To hit one's heart and break it

To beat one's hope and sink it


Love is like a candle

Bringing light to your world

But hurts when you get burned


Love is like a rose

So magical when it's fresh

But it's awful when it's dead

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Slinking afternoon
Pining soul
For a home lost long ago!

No pills or
Pitchers of best wines
Can patch up broken hearts.

I met him
A 'Quasimodo'
Seeking his 'Esmeralda'.

I met her
An 'Ophelia'
Trying to drown for 'Hamlet'.

I met 'me'
A successful man
But remembering Daphne.

Seas, rivers
Mountains and deserts
Sing about Adam and Eve.

No Eden
Can be complete sans
Loving souls rejoined again.

Even God
Is aware of all this
The aches of true loving hearts.

That is why
He remains hidden
Waiting, perhaps, for his love.

Watch the stars
Floating constantly
As if seeking out His own.

Wave on wave
Striving to embrace
Each other eternally.

Those who don't
Know what love can do
Advise us on sanity!

Sadness swells
In its bid to burst
True lovers' hearts into shards!

As night creeps
Peace too flees away
There is only The Tavern.

Where she comes
The caring saqi
For her heart too is shattered!

With her drinks
Or her soothing gaze
She comforts the miserable.

What is love?
What is peace of mind?
Why is God invisible?

Sages too
Could not find solace
After being smitten by love.

Today's world
With its greed and lusts
Cannot grasp what I write here.

Except those
Who have loved truly
Ending up with loneliness.

Or those who
Visit The Tavern
To forget every memory.

Can relate
To my poetry here
Along with my fair saqi.

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