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Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

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The things I want you to know about me you will see eventually. I will write and you will read. Each of you will know me, but you wont all know the same me, because you will all see me differently. That is what I want, I want you to construct a me, from the things you see. However if you happen to want to see me as a duck with a fedora and galoshes then I would have no problem with that either.

About My Navel

My navel hasn't changed much since I answered this question years ago. Still very much an innie. It has however developed the super power of make lint regardless of the type of clothing I'm wearing. I haven't decided whether to use this power for good or evil. As well I haven't figured out HOW to use this for good or evil. It is a work in progress.

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"Why?" - everyone: because it is the only way to ever know.


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