The World


Sitting in my own sadness
Watching the world as it just drifts by
Looking back and correcting the mistakes in my life
Impressed by the madness I feel inside
Distant from myself drives me to run and hide
From the broken up spirit dissolving in front of your eyes

I see and touch the feeling of pain
Darkness at will without no complain
Released my inside into a journey to travel on my own
Knowing I have bitter hatred on the world
Confused from every direction, I am lost
From the world I don't want to know, I will be forgot

Unknown, left like a mystery with answers I own
A ball of betrayed wrath turned to shattered stone
With no remorse, neither regrets that my spirit has become sacred
Of unexpressed emotion, feeling of anger
Inside, I don't feel one bit of concern
On the outside, I could care less for the world

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Obviously, I was Angered at the world at the time.

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