What Doubt?

You were ever so curious,
And at first this made me furious.
Until i realized you were serious.
...so I handed you the book waiting for a "holy shit you're delirious."

And now I look away waiting for a response.
but all I hear nothing, the silence just haunts.
And in my head I start thinking "is it really that bad?"
Because I doubt it's all that good, I mean, my thoughts are too sad.
And with the suspense eating away at my mind,
I turn to your face and what do I find?

I find the most intense look in your eyes,
like trying to focus on a single star in the nights skies,
But instead they're fixed upon the words I wrote down,
and that's when I noticed you found these words profound.

And when you told me you wanted to read another,
I figured I'd try to find one not about hating my mother.
That's when you found my fear in god,
And I knew you'd think it was somewhat odd,
But you never once had a doubt,
And that gave me a lot to think about.

Am I headed to heaven or hell?
Right now I cant tell.
But I'd rather not be able to tell than think I'm still damned to hell.

All I know is that when I'm at life's end,
I'd be leaving behind a great friend.


-The Coward

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I added a poem

Wrote it today. I like this poem too.

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Nothing Cowardly About This

You gotta stop rhyming and write about the entire world and everything that is going on in it. You are not the world, come out and play. It's cold and sweet and awful and green and clever out here. All my poems are takes on heaven/hell both with lower cases. Coolest rhymed writing I've met in a while, except for that kid who is great~~~Jacobnewell - ~~~~~Lady A