You hit me up first, damn ain't that a first
I can't tell if it's concern or really just the thirst
Who cares, we're here now, doing whatever works
So what's the worst? Will we just end up hurt?
Or falling in love again, we've wasted precious time making brand new friends
And when we connect through the skin, the touch, the feel
You bring me closer to closure, taking away what's real
I fell asleep at the helm, and woke up next to you
Peering at a smile that could induce a flu
Lovesick, baby, I really wish you knew
That I've been smoking and dranking my way through
To get into something like happiness

Just for one night can you pretend like everything'll be alright?
Or is that to much to ask for? I can't just treat you like the last whore...
You strut around with your new found glory
While my heart beats out my chest leaving the pavement gory
Is this really the end to our story? Or does it just turn out worse?
I guess I'll just say this like I rehearsed

I'm sorry I'm not sorry for all the bullshit
I'm sorry my gun of verbal insults contained a full clip
A nine full of fallacies leaving you mad at me
And it's sad to see that that you're smiling and it's not because of me
Does he know you're here right now?
Does he know bout that lace under your gown?
A relentless hate fuck is going down
Yeah he would clown if he knew how you were prancing around
The tone when you moan, I swear it does something
You go on and on bout how I'm the shit when it's really nothin'
You know I always knew how to get you off, quit all the frontin'
You said you weren't returning, now look who's cummin'

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