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catasauqua, PA, USA

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8-sep-2012 I have decided that now and for more on over I am going to write poetry at every moment I get because I believe in my heart, that my poetry is more in depth than some things that are out there, so even if the mind has not yet evolved to understand what I have written, everytime I read my poetry I know what has happened. I have written many poems in the past, and have slacked because when I have a story to tell I always feel like I do not have the time or when I get to the point of access of being able to write I by then forget what it is that I have to say. At this point in my life I am willing to sacrifice anything else I have going to continue my story....... Long story short, every poem I write tells a story in my own heart. If you do not know the full details of the story, i do hope that you enjoy your reading experience and above all else, it atleast would make you think.....

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It's a soft little circle where once I was connected to another human being. It's an inny and i wanna pierce it.

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i have a site, and a facebook account

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''It's the horns that hold the halo up'' " carepe diem" GO COWBOYS!!!


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