*I Will Be*



 Trisha Barrk Hopkins


I will be your strength

When you are weak


I'll be your shine

When you are in darkness


I will be your compass 

When you are lost


I will be your air

When you can't breathe


I will be your future 

When you want to forget your past 


I will be your life

When you feel like dying 


I will give you love

When you feel like hating 


I will be your tissue

When you feel like crying


I'll be the understanding

When you no longer feel like dating 


I will be your words

When you have nothing to say


I will be your morning

When you feel like you have no day


I will be your water 

When you are thirsty


I will be your shade 

When you are hot 


I will be your eyes

When you no longer can see 


I will be with you

When you're at your favorite spot


I will be the one who restarts your heart

When it feels like it wants to die


I will be your legs

When you can no longer walk


I will be your something

When you feel like you have nothing


I'll be your words

When you can't talk


I will be your love

Till my dying day

Promise you everything

I'll stick by your side 

When no one else will

I will be your whatever

I will be your something

Always and forever





I think you know through hearing my poems

That I have always loved em and left em

But you are different

I cant just leave you


I cant just move on

Yes, I would be able to move on

But without you, Iā€™d be a ghost

Of my former self


I promise that this,

what has happened in the past 10 hours

will never happen again

I'd give you my word I'd give you anything


Just to prove my ability,

my want to have this relationship

work out for the best

I DO love you Chad



Written on


October 23, 2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I dont know what happened in this poem, what I was saying would never happen again. I guess it doesnt matter anyway.

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Meaning of Life

Most all of anything in life that we know that we've got,
Originally sprung from some sort or type of thought,
Now "anything" in life: can consist, by many o things ,
From eagles flying in the sky, to planetary rings,
And so, through out our lives, with ALL experience we gain,
are received by our senses, feelings, heart and emotion.
But no matter who you are, nor any places you may go,
The reason for this life we take in though, Beside our soul,
So "any & every-thing", in life by which is lived, all bound to-
gather Instantly since Born until Dead, "7his" the reason Being for the Life
that we had Lived...