Unlawful custody (for b, version b).

Soul mates

It was there in your eyes again today
That mesmerising fire
Captivating how you hide the pain
Behind your ire,
every word you viciously speak
Shows an under current of tender regard
A lovers fierce heart kindled
Hidden deeply behind the facade
By the mere presence of love
Under Crushing disappointments
A powerful surge rises
A lightness of being
beneath The mask of disdain guises
If only for one moment
I could get you alone
perhaps you would see
The cracks in my heart of stone
Where you should have been.

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This is amazing for sure!

This is amazing for sure! It's a great piece with lovely
imagery and emotional impact!

If its possible, no matter what it always starts with a dream! 

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I love it!!! Very beautiful and powerful! The whole poem builds into those last lines and those last lines are so damn good!!! I love being able to catch a glimpse through your eyes, to feel the passions of your heart, the speed of your thought and the depth of your soul! Great write, my Dear! ;-)