Monthly Archive for April 2006

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
The Cliff Of Insanity Poem anarchist_wraith Apr 1st
A N G E R - Holy Guardioan Angel Poem blumentopf Apr 1st
Precious, Wandering Imagination Poem crimsonqueen Passion Apr 1st
Waiting Forever Poem crimsonqueen love Apr 1st
Help Her 4-1 Poem dancewmoonlight Apr 1st
Let show how Poem geneconner2008 Apr 1st
I have lost my way Poem geneconner2008 Apr 1st
Crow Poem kiss_yo_luck Abstract Apr 1st
WHAT IF WE ALL FAIL TO CHANGE Poem kittymonkey Apr 1st
Escape Poem Anonymous Apr 1st
Destruction Poem melissa_leann Apr 1st
The Person I Am Poem melissa_leann Apr 1st
Lost Soul Poem melissa_leann Apr 1st
Please god let the cancer go into remission. Poem ozzypoemgirl Apr 1st
BRAG AND BLUFF Poem palewingedpoetess Apr 1st
THE PRIVATE TOUCH Poem palewingedpoetess Apr 1st
At the Corner of 17th and Hades Poem tajuta 1 Apr 1st
وسائل تهويد القدس والطرق الواجب اتباعها فلسطينيا لمقا Poem tariqasrawi Apr 1st
what rhymes with slut Poem carousel_love 1 Apr 2nd
jaded Poem carousel_love Apr 2nd
One Life, And One Heart Poem Megsamoo00 Devotion Apr 2nd
My Glorious End Poem Megsamoo00 Dark Love Apr 2nd
Imprint of Fate Poem crimsonqueen love Apr 2nd
Anethesia Eye Poem flower_child 1 Abstract Apr 2nd
Fasely Believes Poem follow_the_knyht Apr 2nd
Why do Poem geneconner2008 Apr 2nd
Welcome to hell Poem geneconner2008 Apr 2nd
Come On, Daddy! Poem lavalady 2 Apr 2nd
قالت لي نفسي Poem mabdeljalil Apr 2nd
A Malc vision of the near future Poem nickburdett Comedy/Humor Apr 2nd
A stalker at the Door Poem nickburdett Comedy/Humor Apr 2nd
Malcs Love Child Poem nickburdett Comedy/Humor Apr 2nd
I don't care Poem nighthawk21 Apr 2nd
Slipping away Poem nighthawk21 Apr 2nd
She Dreamed Of Him Who Aint Exsist Poem ninesevenoh4 1 Apr 2nd
EXIT, THE NIGHT Poem palewingedpoetess Apr 2nd
It Started Here Poem phil_carcione Apr 2nd
A Gothic Romance Poem rays_no_poet 6 Apr 2nd
Fuck This Poem rays_no_poet 1 Apr 2nd
Panthress Poem risqueconjurer 1 Apr 2nd
Thin Red Shade Poem risqueconjurer 1 Apr 2nd
Patches of Life Poem risqueconjurer Apr 2nd
Reporting back home Poem significance_of_2 death Apr 2nd
بنت الجليل Poem tariqasrawi Apr 2nd
Just in reach, but untouchable Poem triplehhh Compassion Apr 2nd
Not her Poem triplehhh Hidden Love Apr 2nd
TOTAL INSANITY Poem 2bperfectpanda 1 Apr 3rd
Disbelief Poem 2bperfectpanda Apr 3rd
Pleasing Everyone Except Me Poem Megsamoo00 Anger NonViolent Apr 3rd
The Things I Know I Lack Poem Megsamoo00 Acceptance Apr 3rd
My Unlucky Childhood Poem Megsamoo00 Anger NonViolent Apr 3rd
Mental Scars Poem Megsamoo00 Abuse Apr 3rd
I KNOW WHO YOU ARE Poem chris Song Lyrics Apr 3rd
SHE Poem chris Song Lyrics Apr 3rd
FAMILY STORIES Poem chris Children Apr 3rd
SAME OLD LONELY ROAD Poem chris Lost love Apr 3rd
BLIND SEE Poem chris Abstract Apr 3rd
PLAYSPACE WINDOWS Poem chris Children Apr 3rd
PLAYSPACE WINDOWS II Poem chris Children Apr 3rd
Timing Poem dreayeya Apr 3rd
Silence Poem eternity 2 Apr 3rd
Mask Poem Falling_Raindrops Apr 3rd
Cellar Door Poem Falling_Raindrops Apr 3rd
Burning Tree Poem kiss_yo_luck dreams Apr 3rd
Spring will never come Poem learn_to_be_lonely Emotionless Apr 3rd
OCD Poem mhippychick Abstract Apr 3rd
It’s seems like a nightmare Poem ozzypoemgirl Apr 3rd
BOGUS 'E' VELOCITY Poem palewingedpoetess Apr 3rd
9 Lives of Wisdom Poem sinisterbuilt Sensualality Apr 3rd
NNNNNNGushhhhhhhhhhhhh Poem sinisterbuilt Sexual Apr 3rd
Attacking the Bones Poem sinisterbuilt Abstract Apr 3rd
Broadway Book AND Video. . . . Plus the Homeless Poem sinisterbuilt Drugs Apr 3rd
Where'd the Keys Go? Poem sinisterbuilt Abstract Apr 3rd
SQUARE Poem sinisterbuilt Abstract Apr 3rd
i'll still love you Poem sugargrl1815 1 Apr 3rd
the hymn of the phantoms Poem thekirby Faith Apr 3rd
St. Valentine Poem thekirby Abstract Apr 3rd
Love's Prophecy Poem tonfa_wielder 1 Fantasies Apr 3rd
Ready To Die For Christ? Poem trumpet7 inspiration Apr 3rd
Unnerved Poem wishful_thinking Apr 3rd
With My Last Breath Poem xpossessedsoulx Suicide Apr 3rd
القلوب الخاوية والحب Poem alihseen Apr 4th
دموع وحيرة Poem alihseen Apr 4th
كلمات الايام Poem alihseen Apr 4th
ياماءً يمر يقربي Poem alihseen Apr 4th
Resurrection Poem blumentopf 1 Apr 4th
RIDE OR DIE CHICK/CAN'T BELIEVE Poem broken_n_2_girl Rejection Apr 4th
different yet the same Poem brownelizard Apr 4th
imagine Poem brownelizard Apr 4th
Dying Butterfly (dedication) Poem crimsonqueen Depression Apr 4th
Shame Poem MzMidnite Acceptance Apr 4th
Fine Lines Poem MzMidnite Abuse Apr 4th
Deny Poem MzMidnite Suicide Apr 4th
Habbits die hard Poem MzMidnite Addiction Apr 4th
Our friendship has end Poem geneconner2008 Apr 4th
Lord will you Poem geneconner2008 Apr 4th
I have try to Poem geneconner2008 Apr 4th
The friendship we had Poem geneconner2008 Apr 4th
موقع اتحاد كتاب الانترنت العرب Poem jamalalsaieh Sexual Apr 4th
'06 Creeping Time Poem Joel 1 Apr 4th
'06 Nature Sneezed Poem Joel 1 Apr 4th
REELING IN TIME Poem kittymonkey Apr 4th
NEWS HOUND Poem kittymonkey Apr 4th
HINDSIGHT IS TWENTY TWENTY Poem kittymonkey Apr 4th
Without Me Poem melissa_leann Apr 4th
Window Shopping Poem mellykins Apr 4th
I am a Diamond Poem mellykins 3 Apr 4th
*keep on pretending Poem mystik134 Apr 4th
*the world is fucked up Poem mystik134 Apr 4th
*little thing about DXM Poem mystik134 Apr 4th
This is my suicide note. Poem phantomsheart Apr 4th
too bad Poem pikurpoison Addiction Apr 4th
Calling card Poem qt_poet long distance Apr 4th
good bye beautiful Poem ruth_x_less Beauty Apr 4th
"May And The Ever After Of Things" Poem The1TrueMojo religion Apr 4th
a last chance Poem somefatguy Apr 4th
stained Poem somefatguy Apr 4th
after the uniform Poem somefatguy Apr 4th
لماذا Poem Thanaa_Darwish Apr 4th
يأكل ويشرب ويمشي في الأسواق Poem Thanaa_Darwish Apr 4th
وُلد النور Poem Thanaa_Darwish Apr 4th
Decisions Poem trumpet7 inspiration Apr 4th
Excerpt From Toni Morrison's Nobel Lecture Poem unrulyspring Apr 4th
Thought Provoking Cookies Poem unrulyspring Apr 4th
Never Understand Poem xpossessedsoulx Abuse Apr 4th
الأصبع البيضاء Poem bakri Apr 5th
Death Kissed Me Goodnight Poem roguewolf420 Apr 5th
SLUT Poem brokenangel17 Apr 5th
This Poem brownelizard Apr 5th
metamorphize Poem brownelizard Apr 5th
Angel of love Poem brownelizard Apr 5th
Light of Passion Poem crimsonqueen love Apr 5th
Falling 4-05 Poem dancewmoonlight Apr 5th
The Well Trodden Path 3-28 Poem dancewmoonlight Apr 5th
"Tennis Ball" 3-22 Poem dancewmoonlight Apr 5th
psuedo controled emotion Poem dbora32 Apr 5th
Phone Conversation Snippets Poem djtj Apr 5th
De ja vu Poem djtj 1 Apr 5th
My Horoscope This is Not a Poem Poem djtj Apr 5th
2006-04-05 Admission Poem djtj Apr 5th
In the End Poem exthias1983 Devotion Apr 5th
Girl I love you Poem geneconner2008 Apr 5th
Up To Me or Up To You Poem joelcarter_86 Apr 5th
you wont see me Poem kayspoems Apr 5th
THIS IS THE WORLD Poem kittymonkey Apr 5th
ROCK N ROLL, O MY SOUL Poem kittymonkey 1 Apr 5th
NONSENSIA Poem kittymonkey Apr 5th
Whiskey and Coke Poem mellykins Apr 5th
*i guess this means you're leaving Poem mystik134 1 Apr 5th
Untitled -- 4.5.2006 Poem no_ordinary_chick Apr 5th
COCKLE BUR Poem palewingedpoetess Apr 5th
SWEET DEFEAT Poem palewingedpoetess Apr 5th
Things I'll Never Say Poem phaloola 1 Apr 5th
Love in the Meadow Poem phil_carcione Sexual Apr 5th
forever, and ever. Poem ruth_x_less love Apr 5th
Starting Next Year Poem taken_angel122804 Change/Transition Apr 5th
Sweet Dreamer Poem taken_angel122804 Depression Apr 5th
A Scented Life Poem taken_angel122804 Acceptance Apr 5th
Sun Kissed Future Poem taken_angel122804 Awakening Apr 5th
Star Crossed Lovers Poem taken_angel122804 Abstract Apr 5th
Just One of Those Days Poem taken_angel122804 Abuse Apr 5th
inner words. inwards. Poem voighdt Acceptance Apr 5th
99 scents Poem voighdt Abstract Apr 5th
تعددت الأسباب Poem zahrat_alnagam Apr 5th
مع الاسف Poem zahrat_alnagam Apr 5th
لا جدوى Poem zahrat_alnagam Apr 5th
I Don't Really Know Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Memories Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
I Believe You Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Listen To Your Heart Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
A Break Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
A Promise Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Advice From Me Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
All Your Grace Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Alright Soon Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Anger Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Autumn Rain Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Be My Wife Poem CarDarInc 1 Apr 6th
Be With Me Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Best Of Luck Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Between You And Me Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Bondage So Strong Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Dedicated To The Raven Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Don't Know What To Do Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Even If Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Extremely Alive Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
For You To Run Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Forever And A Day Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Get Her Back Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Happiness And Pride Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Happiness Will Be Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Heaven's Gate Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Hope And Pray Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Hoping And Praying Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Howl At The Moon Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
I Will Always Run Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Loving Touch Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Just A Memory Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Let Us Build Our Future Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
My Existence Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
My Mournful Cry Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
My Precious Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
My Time Will Come Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
No Place To Hide Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Not For Long Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Not Just A Friendship Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Peace Of Mind Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Prison Bars Of Life Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Rest Of My Days Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Silver Wolf Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Stay With Me Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Take The Pain Away Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
That Much Stronger Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
The Call Of The Wild Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
The Calling Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
The Cycle The Circle Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
The New Beginning Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
This Much I Pray Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Together Again Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Tracks In The Snow Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Try And Answer These Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Try To Get Well Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Wait And Wonder Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
What Do I Do Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Whenever She's Near Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Wild Defiant Sorrow Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Will Always Burn Poem CarDarInc 1 Apr 6th
Will Never Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Win My Race Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Wish My Love A Good Night Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Wolf Spirit Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Wolves Crying For Help Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Won't Let Them Near Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Your Run In The Company Of Wolves Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
You Will Find Poem CarDarInc Apr 6th
Then again... sometimes things change Poem boarster Abuse Apr 6th
Starless Skies(Dedication) Poem crimsonqueen Depression Apr 6th
Skin Poem fighter4life religion Apr 6th
1 John 3:18 Poem fighter4life 2 love Apr 6th
منتدى بنت مصر Poem jamalalsaieh Sexual Apr 6th
Friends From the Start Poem jwc82490 friendship Apr 6th my own consciousness Poem kayspoems Apr 6th
MY WORLD Poem kittymonkey Apr 6th
My apologies Poem ozzypoemgirl Apr 6th
RUSTIC FORM Poem palewingedpoetess Apr 6th
Blunt (Second Movement) Poem Sivus Memories Apr 6th
You'll never know Poem clutchforbalance Apr 6th
Yellow Poem xpossessedsoulx Abuse Apr 6th
من الذاكرة ايام البؤس والموت والشقاء/رحلة قطار زبير ال Poem alihseen Apr 7th