Monthly Archive for March 2015

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
*All These Lies* Poem Whispers_From_T... 2 believe, lies, miss, Other, Touch Mar 1st
Rise Poem jarfly 2 Mar 1st
"The Chair" Poem deepinyourdreams The chair, Van Gogh Mar 1st
A Writer's Block poem Poem 4 Mar 1st
opulent beings Poem 2 # rich Mar 1st
Passion Poem word_man 18 wrote this for the trolls at writers cafe Mar 1st
GRACE/ASKING Poem MilMan 1 #prayer Mar 1st
Insight Poem satishverma # addiction # disapointement # life # truth # suffering #sadness #empty Mar 1st
JUNCTURE Poem satishverma # addiction # disapointement # life # truth # suffering #sadness #empty Mar 1st
"Think about it" Poem deepinyourdreams losing passion. positive thinking. mind games, sad sack, thinking Mar 1st
চেনা তারে যেন অচেনা লাগে! Poem KingofWords মায়াবী Mar 1st
অনিশ্চয়তা Poem KingofWords অনিশ্চয়তা Mar 1st
The Cyclicality of an Unoriginal Life Poem hopelessly-candid 12 Mar 1st
The Space Between Poem RoC 2 Mar 1st
Ocean Deep Poem DefineMystic Mar 1st
Early Days. Poem jordanchambers 3 Mar 1st
Shakespearean love 2 Poem Mar 1st
When Will We Learn To Unite Not Divide Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 1st
To my fifty shades of fu**ed Poem sex sexy Mar 1st
Don't Let Fear Control You Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 1st
Stop Being So Jaded And Do Something Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 1st
Midnight. Poem sweetwater 2 Mar 1st
Technique Poem expebonyprincess 2 Mar 1st
Writing You Out of My Heart Poem INKSTAIN 3 Mar 1st
Fake Poem Thomas_Jones 1 # disappointment # life # truth # suffering #lies #honesty #sadness Mar 1st
রাত জাগা Poem shawon1982 Mar 1st
অক্লান্ত কবি Poem shawon1982 Mar 1st
Thanks Giving / Another Blessed Day Poem MilMan #Life#Learning#Prayer Mar 1st
Enough! Poem KingofWords enough Mar 1st
Beauty was Here Poem KingofWords Beauty Mar 1st
Nature's Music Box Poem deepinyourdreams 1 a fine painting, currier and ives, Nature's music box, snow, winter Mar 1st
How many can we take? Poem sydneymarie america world the truth inspiring Mar 1st
In Memory of Aunt Rose Poem UnknownPoet Mar 1st
In Tongues and Of Poem giajl Mar 1st
*The Things You Say But Don't Do* Poem Whispers_From_T... Call, day, don't, fight, heart, hurt, Other, Pain, things Mar 1st
Stepping Out Poem giajl Mar 1st
Wedding Belles.... Poem giajl Mar 1st
To Wander Lonely as Poem giajl Mar 1st
Macabre Thinking ....Stole Poem giajl Mar 1st
*Don't Give Loneliness A Chance* Poem Whispers_From_T... 2 crush, happy, heart, kisses, Loneliness, love, Other, part Mar 1st
I've Missed My, Poem giajl Mar 1st
I aint got no damn title Poem ese2002 Mar 1st
*Give ME Back My Heart* Poem Whispers_From_T... 2 charm, good-bye, Hate, heart, love, Other Mar 1st
Old Age...Who Does That Anymore? Poem giajl Mar 1st
*Ode To A Big Tall Colorful Tree* Poem Whispers_From_T... 2 bark, beautiful, big, Colorful, leaves, Other, tall, tree Mar 1st
I Thanked Them For...My Poem giajl Mar 1st
Satire for your hungry expanding mind. Prose Satire Mar 1st
ALLs Well That Ends Well. Prose bern Mar 1st
Darling Poem not_an_addict 2 Mar 2nd
Help me, Save me from these scars Poem inspiration 2 #girlchild#life#saveher Mar 2nd
JUNCTURE Poem satishverma # addiction # disapointement # life # truth # suffering #sadness #empty Mar 2nd
Unhitching Poem satishverma # addiction # disapointement # life # truth # suffering #sadness #empty Mar 2nd
Falling into the Sun Poem wanderlost Mar 2nd
In the obscurity of a moonless night Poem Daniel-59 1 Mar 2nd
alone Poem word_man 7 Mar 2nd
"We Could Strip Down To Our Aching Bones" Poem life_used_to_be... 3 Mar 2nd
A Dying Soul Poem Kistsunejanai # love # life # truth # soul # mind #emotions # poetry # heart # humanity #sadness # fear # story # mistakes Mar 2nd
My lied LEZEL Poem lovestruck Mar 2nd
FILET ME NOT Poem AngryLaughter 1 Mar 2nd
Ma en kind Poem lovestruck Mar 2nd
LEARNING Poem AngryLaughter 1 Mar 2nd
VOICES Poem AngryLaughter 1 Mar 2nd
ALLEZ ALLETS! Poem AngryLaughter 3 Mar 2nd
Redemption Song Poem douggie211 Mar 2nd
how hard is it to have a brain fart? Poem SSmoothie 5 Mar 2nd
Just shakin it off! Poem deepinyourdreams Mar 2nd
March 2015 Poem allets Mar 2nd
Boa Lady Poem allets Mar 2nd
তাকে ছেড়ে থাকা অসম্ভব Poem KingofWords ভালোবাসা Mar 2nd
To Say or Not to Say Poem KingofWords 3 love Mar 2nd
"Apple Dreams" Poem deepinyourdreams 1 apples, dreams, pursuing a dream Mar 2nd
Bellla Vox, Bella Voce Poem 1MusicNotes Dark, enemies, friends, Grasp, latin beautiful, love, midnight, night, thorns, valley, voices Mar 2nd
Whispering Ghosts Poem Carcass 4 Mar 2nd
Crossroads Poem Carcass 3 Mar 2nd
Chasing the Rain Poem Carcass 8 Mar 2nd
Attack From Behind. Prose bern 1 Mar 2nd
Shining light A new Poem RomeonJuliet113 Mar 3rd
CRAFT Poem satishverma # addiction # disapointement # life # truth # suffering #sadness #empty Mar 3rd
Reminding Poem satishverma Life Mar 3rd
Hope!! Poem inspiration 1 Mar 3rd
Feed Your Mind, Soul, And Heart Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 3rd
Meeting Poem shawon1982 1 Mar 3rd
বিধি Poem shawon1982 Mar 3rd
The People You Meet, Make You Who You Are Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 3rd
I Am Grateful Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 3rd
দেয়াল Poem shawon1982 Mar 3rd
How Can You Hate And Still Judge The Hateful Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 3rd
The Beauty Of Freedom Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 3rd
Generation Z Poem strawberryjacuzzi Mar 3rd
Breathing does not always come with ease. Poem strawberryjacuzzi Mar 3rd
Richard Cory Poem strawberryjacuzzi 1 Mar 3rd
Heaven and Similiar Situations - Short Poems (I-IV) Poem douggie211 Mar 3rd
Monkey Shines Poem deepinyourdreams children's dreams, Children's Stories, KIDS, Monkey shines, zoo Mar 3rd
If You Would Call This A Poem Poem HIStory #sober #drunk #life #mind #love #hate #forgotten Mar 3rd
একান্তে Poem KingofWords একান্তে Mar 3rd
Those Lovely Moments Poem KingofWords moments Mar 3rd
Alchemy Poem Carcass 2 Mar 3rd
Unmarked Grave Poem Carcass 4 Mar 3rd
Sound of Drums: Based on Les Miserables Poem 1MusicNotes 1 ashes, chains, day, dead, depressing, drums, freedom, lives, rebellion, Slaves, smoke, sound Mar 3rd
Mr. Squirrel Poem deepinyourdreams 1 Mr Squirrel Mar 3rd
SINKING BLUE STAR Poem palewingedpoetess 1 Mar 3rd
Life Lessons Poem schmuckjones 1 Mar 3rd
people are stupid Poem SSmoothie 6 Mar 3rd
Live Wire Poem strawberryjacuzzi 1 Mar 3rd
Last day at school. Prose bern 1 Mar 3rd
The New Priest. Prose bern Mar 3rd
POETRY Prose Jmpiep haiku love, Life Mar 3rd
The Winter The stars began to fall from the sky Poem fenrislupusgrey 2 Mar 4th
Street Food Poem bishu Mar 4th
Live Each Day To The Fullest Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 4th
The Truth Of Our Justice System Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 4th
Former Soldier , But Not a Poem giajl Mar 4th
শুন্য মনে হয় Poem KingofWords শুন্য Mar 4th
The More I See Her, The More I Love Her Poem KingofWords love Mar 4th
MY RITALIN FRIEND Poem Anonymous #Childabuse #drugs #poetry #depression #abuse #drugabuse #gethelp Mar 4th
A BEAUTIFUL SOUL Poem Anonymous As his world vanishes beyond the event horizon where Job ceast to exist eventhough he is there. Welcome to the Homeless Blackhole! Mar 4th
Tired (TEMP TITLE) Poem OWL3119 Mar 4th
Lord I Pray Poem MilMan #Faith / Strenght Mar 4th
Imagine Poem DarkLight 4 Mar 4th
La Moitié de Moi est Manquant Poem hopelessly-candid 6 Mar 4th
The Mara Poem TheDelicateMuse 2 # addiction #relationship #failure #prose #heartbreak #foreveralone #hopelessromantic #hurt #betrayal #lust# disappointment# life # heart # truth # suffering # sadness # pain # happiness # empty # mistakes # fate # time # difference # madness # theone, dating, girl, love, Passion, prose Mar 4th
The Stranger. Prose bern Mar 4th
Practical Joke. Prose bern Mar 4th
Between Five and Six. Prose bern Mar 4th
My Literary Analysis of Madness in Shakespeare's "Macbeth" and "Hamlet" Prose hopelessly-candid 2 Mar 4th
Just that 1 way Poem POETWITHTHEBLUES 1 Mar 5th
GREEN RIVER Poem satishverma # addiction # disapointement # life # truth # suffering #sadness #empty Mar 5th
GREEN RIVER Poem satishverma # addiction # disapointement # life # truth # suffering #sadness #empty Mar 5th
Tasting Blood Poem satishverma # addiction # disapointement # life # truth # suffering #sadness #empty Mar 5th
Dreaming Poem satishverma # addiction # disapointement # life # truth # suffering #sadness #empty Mar 5th
crying alone Poem thoughtsihavewrote # sad # alone # young # tears Mar 5th
Seasonal Depression Poem thoughtsihavewrote 1 # seasonal depression # depressed # sad # hope Mar 5th
The Girls of Lenore Poem douggie211 Mar 5th
Holi Boat Poem bishu Mar 5th
Paulo, Picasso's son Poem deepinyourdreams Picasso Mar 5th
Bernship Poem bishu 2 Mar 5th
Embrace the Hate Poem StandInThaRain #depression #selfhate Mar 5th
I'm No Angel- Monday Feb. 9, 2015 11:45pm Poem StandInThaRain 1 Mar 5th
Char- Monday Feb 10, 2015 12:04am Poem StandInThaRain Mar 5th
Familiar Sting- Sunday March 1, 2015 12:22am Poem StandInThaRain Mar 5th
Leave This Alone - Friday August 22, 2014 12:15am Poem StandInThaRain #relationships #breakups #liars #fuckthis Mar 5th
Dear Society Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 5th
Breathing Room- Friday August 22, 2014 12:35am Poem StandInThaRain #breakups #relationships #fuckthis #toughlove Mar 5th
You're Not Sorry- Friday August 22, 1014 2:10am Poem StandInThaRain Mar 5th
One Sided Love -Friday August 22, 2014 2:25am Poem StandInThaRain #relationships #breakups #love #fuckthis Mar 5th
hermanita Poem PensiveStranger Mar 5th
Your First Lie- Saturday Jan 21, 2015 2:00pm Poem StandInThaRain #relationships #liars #fuckthis #breakups Mar 5th
The World Is Waiting For You Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 5th
Only Through Action Does Change Truly Occur Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 5th
A Personal Revelation Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 5th
I Would Rather Be The Rebel Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 5th
Reach Out A Hand Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 5th
The Curious Star Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 5th
Yuno Poem jackabite Mar 5th
After the Sunshine Poem KingofWords sunshine Mar 5th
চোখে চোখে কথা হল Poem KingofWords ভালোবাসে Mar 5th
Terms for Thought Poem FireXVulcan 1 bad taste, Comparison, eggs, love, Pets Mar 5th
Cereal Whimsy Poem schmuckjones 2 Mar 5th
She Turns Heads Poem giacomolawless love secrets mystery idolism Mar 5th
i sit here Poem babygirl22 Mar 5th
you left Poem babygirl22 2 Mar 5th
distance over dissonance Poem SSmoothie 2 beds, missing Mar 5th
Graceful Hello Poem beffany_ 1 Mar 5th
Why? Poem beffany_ 1 Mar 5th
A young girl of 18 Poem beffany_ Mar 5th
Wasteful wishes Poem beffany_ Mar 5th
Surrhimsyality Poem schmuckjones 1 Mar 5th
Fortune Teller. Prose bern Mar 5th
Sunday Poem Incompl 2 Mar 6th
Winters Last Stand Poem Desperado Cold Mar 6th
Dreaming Poem satishverma # addiction # disapointement # life # truth # suffering #sadness #empty Mar 6th
Dreaming Poem satishverma # addiction # disapointement # life # truth # suffering #sadness #empty Mar 6th
Moving Shadows Poem satishverma # addiction # disapointement # life # truth # suffering #sadness #empty Mar 6th
Miss me Poem Incompl 1 Mar 6th
Trust Poem running_with_rabbits 8 Mar 6th
Lexicon love Poem running_with_rabbits Mar 6th
The invention of a meth addict Poem running_with_rabbits 11 Mar 6th
It's Always Been You Poem Silver__lining Mar 6th
Now & Again Poem Silver__lining Mar 6th
Cause You Wanted To Poem Silver__lining Mar 6th
I Never Wanted To Let You Go Poem Silver__lining Mar 6th
A Hidden Feeling In The Lyrics Of A Song Poem Silver__lining Mar 6th
Am I Just A Shadow? Poem Silver__lining 2 Mar 6th
Bullying Makes You Smaller Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 6th
Don’t Break My Heart Poem KingofWords love Mar 6th
Peace Is A Way Of Life Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 6th
My Crow Moon Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 6th
Be Good To One Another Poem LittleLennonGurl 1 Mar 6th
It's Your Life Not Their Reign Of Terror Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 6th
আসুক বাধা যত Poem KingofWords সত্যের দামামা Mar 6th
bait Poem bolt Mar 6th
Absolute Joy Poem allets 2 Mar 6th
সলতে Poem shawon1982 Mar 6th
Seer Eyes Poem smades1 #eyes #soul #seer Mar 6th
To stand in the fire Poem MidKnight Mar 6th
untitled Poem swirv0521 Mar 6th
*Till Death Us Do Part* Poem Whispers_From_T... eachother, forever, love, Other, part, Passion, till death, together Mar 6th
*I Saw You* Poem Whispers_From_T... fate, forever, God, hearts, love, Other, saw you, together, true Mar 6th
strength thru hardship Poem ADAPT 1 Mar 6th
Hawaii Poem Jmoneycarter love Mar 6th
*To The One I Love* Poem Whispers_From_T... angel, father, God, love, Other Mar 6th
*Untitled 3* Poem Whispers_From_T... 1 back, forgive, Other, right, sorry Mar 6th
*Untitled 4* Poem Whispers_From_T... love, memory, Other Mar 6th
You, My Wife, My Treasure Prose ericcole 1 My Treasure, My wife, you Mar 6th
Volonteers? Prose bern Mar 6th
*I Miss You Dearly My Love* Poem Whispers_From_T... 1 friend, hand, love, miss, Other Mar 7th
Gone Poem XxRestrictedModzxX #Gone #Life Mar 7th
finding dark Poem SSmoothie 1 Mar 7th
Lester Fackly's Sorid Fish Poem schmuckjones 4 Mar 7th
Goodbyes Poem Incompl 2 Mar 7th
Lesson Learned Poem justshan1983 2 heartbreak, relationships, Verbal abuse Mar 7th
I spike my hair. :) Poem Coyote Mar 7th
Resilience Poem satishverma # addiction # disapointement # life # truth # suffering #sadness #empty Mar 7th
The Dilemma Poem satishverma # addiction # disapointement # life # truth # suffering #sadness #empty Mar 7th
A Single-Sided Love Poem hopelessly-candid 21 Mar 7th
Revelation at the Forest's Edge (Winter Dwindling) Poem eternalpoet1389 1 love, POETRY, Spirituality Mar 7th
Lower Rock Run Poem eternalpoet1389 love, POETRY, Spirituality Mar 7th
Hadley Valley/Lower Spring Creek Poem eternalpoet1389 love, POETRY, Spirituality Mar 7th
Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 7th
Reflecting Poem XxF00LxX 1 #whatever Mar 7th
The Point Of Who We Are Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 7th
Giving Up to You Poem strayghost #relationship #addiction#sex#longing#love#hate#miss Mar 7th
well played! Poem SSmoothie 3 Mar 7th
Hate Is Never The Answer Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 7th
Own Your Life Poem LittleLennonGurl Mar 7th
Under The Sun Poem MilMan 1 #HELLO #WAKEUP Mar 7th
Not All That Claim Your Soul, Come from, Poem giajl Mar 7th
to eddi Poem bolt Mar 7th
মরুভূমি Poem shawon1982 Mar 7th
আলো Poem metahmina Mar 7th
তুমি ও কবিতা -২ Poem metahmina Mar 7th
You Must Remember Poem KingofWords love Mar 7th
টুকরো ১ Poem metahmina Mar 7th
টুকরো ২ Poem metahmina Mar 7th
কেন কষ্ট দিলে? Poem KingofWords কষ্ট Mar 7th
Called into the Shadows Poem deepinyourdreams Darkness death fate fleeting moments shadows silence. time Mar 7th
Two Face Poem schmuckjones 5 Mar 7th
I'm Out...Of Poem giajl Mar 7th
Hold Me Close, I Hate Being Poem giajl Mar 7th
Knock ,Knock Poem giajl Mar 7th
Unless I'm Told.... Poem giajl Mar 7th
Perhaps One Last Poem giajl Mar 7th
Child's Play? Prose bern 2 Mar 7th
WHO Poem MilMan #Addiction#Healing#WAKEUP Mar 8th
Mourningful Soul Poem jackabite Mar 8th
NOT CARING Poem destinyfate 2 Mar 8th
BLEEDING HEART Poem destinyfate 2 Mar 8th
IM NOT Poem destinyfate Mar 8th