Van Gogh



I live only to paint.
I am your faithful and loyal servant
whose dreams wash onto my canvas.        
She wakes me each morning
with colors floating inside my head,
dancing with dreams of texture.
I open myself to her,
never knowing where she is taking me.
She pulls me with her magical wand.
While wanting her nakedness exposed,
she kisses my thoughts with ecstasy.

She plays with my heart,
touching my palette with gold and silver,

gifts for a king.
She is my source of everlasting Light
that showers me with images from above.
I take pictures of her in my head
and develop them using my hands.
I work ferociously

to get what I see onto the canvas,
putting all the colors in their proper place.
The painting comes alive.
As this new creation develops,
a meticulous movement of my mind
marches to a melodic symphony

that touches Spirit,

that touches life,


that touches love.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

From my book For Vincent and Theo.

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My hand at a Van Gogh self portrait

Just a thought!

I get my kicks doing famous paintings.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Van Gogh's self portrait"

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"The Chair"

Just a thought!

If Van Gogh had some

wine and cheese,he might have painted this instead

of just  "The Chair",

Maybe even saved

an ear!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My version of Van Gogh's, "The Chair"   with a lil humor'

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