To Touch, to Reach....Beyond

Times in 2023

To Touch, to Reach....Beyond



Has crushed marvel,

Of life!

It's daily majesty, and wonder....

Are lost to me.

Time, has crossed.... it's line.

I'm Trapped, within the cosmos,

Of my mind .

Drum playing....... gorillas,

Crash, chocolate cymbals!

While the music, eats .........

my soul.

And, I sigh forgotten ....

....Lovers .....sigh!

As a setting sun, fills

The horizon .

What I seek........ is,




Giajl © Jim Love

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My Lover's Touch

This is no time for romance. 


We've played our parts and done so beautifully, but now flowery script and greeting card banter is pushed aside for more base desire. 


Prowling on hands and knees towards you: a lioness stalking her inevitable prey. 


You love the way my full lips express my love for you without so much as a word; I adore how your fingers coax forth my innermost melody that erupts not in song

but in moans and whimpers. 


I'm clay in your hands, and there I want to stay forever.


Trace what you desire into my skin with teeth and tongue. 

Warmth and ecstasy will flow unbridled between us, the marks on your back testament to what you've done to me.


I am fully yours and you are mine...


Make me remember that tonight. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My first time trying my hand at erotic prose. CC welcome!

তার স্পর্শ

তার স্পর্শ ছাড়া,

আমি হই টাইটানিক সিনেমার জ্যাকের মত দিশেহারা,

 সে যেন হেরোইন,

যার নেশায় মাততে চায় মন প্রতিদিন!


তাকে জড়িয়ে ধরে কোটি কোটি চুম্বনে তার দুটো গাল,

করে দিতে চাই ডালিমের বিচির মত লাল!

তার নিঃশ্বাস যাবে আমার নিঃশ্বাসে মিশে,

সে ডাকবে আমার নাম ধরে চুপিসারে, ভালোবেসে!


তার সাথে একদিন কথা না বললেই,

আমার অবস্থা হয় যক্ষ্মা রোগীর মত অচিরেই,

মনে হয় যেন পৃথিবী আমার মাথায় বাজের মত পড়ল বলে,

আমি শান্তি খুঁজি তখন তার আঁচলের আড়ালে



বৃষ্টি যেমন তার প্রতিটি ফোঁটার পরতে পরতে স্বর্গীয় শীতলতা ধরে রাখে,

আমিও সেই শীতলতার মাঝে নিজেকে হারাই তার তুষারের মত শুভ্র বুকে,

যখন দেহ হয় বিলীন দেহে,

আত্মার টান যায় যেন চতুর্গুণ বেড়ে সেই কামে, মোহে!


স্পর্শ বাড়ে যত,

আকর্ষণ বাড়ে তত,

মনে হয় পৃথিবী যদি ভেঙে হয় কাঁচের গ্লাসের মত চুরমার,


তবুও আমার সকল চিন্তা জুড়ে রইবে সিল্কের মত কোমল স্পর্শ তার!

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Unworthy of your touch! 2015

Unworthy of your touch! 2015



as i sit there thinking of us the tears are flowing way to much

all i can think about is how i'm unworthy of your touch

the first time i felt your tender loving embrace

i thought i was as pretty as roses in a vase

you made me feel special right from the start

that was a feeling i've never felt in my heart

in my mind i was not pretty enough and never thought about it much

I've been so sure in my thinking that i was unworthy of your touch

every day i yurned for your sweet warm caress

so i would feel special and know i passed your test

but you stopped touching me in that special way

it was slow in the beginning then got worse day by day

i felt like a fool pleading and pushing for your attention

that i couldnt see you had distanced yourself without mention

i feel the empty place that you've been in so deep in my being

that i cry day and night with out an end to my weeping

no more will i feel your warm loving embrace and such

and would never again ever be worthy of your touch




Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this one because it was something i've been feelng lately and sometimes writing a poem about it helps hope you all like it


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*The way You Touch Me*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


The tips of your fingers

Are so smooth as the caress my skin

The feeling just lingers

My heat just spins


It puts chills down my spin

And a tingle through my body

I makes me want to wine and dine

And have our own little party


The warmth feels so nice

The heat we create

Could melt any size of ice

The only thing that could have brought this passion together

It had to fate 

It was meant to burn so deep forever


The way you touch me 

The feeling within

It's set free

Your touch makes my head spin


I'm wanting to experience your kiss

To be in your arms

This feeling I don't want to forget or miss

Just promise you'll keep me from harm


I want this feeling forever

I want us to be 

To always be together 



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I don't like this poem much. I'm going to edit it some more 

*Untitled 6*


 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


As beautiful as a blooming rose

My love for you is never dying

I admire your perfect pose

Your soft touch sends me flying


I wish you can live forever

But like all things they must die

Just remember my love we'll always be together 

So until I meet you again

I'll try not to cry


For you will always remain in my heart

And you only hold part of that special place

We will never really part

I will never forget your precious face


God will yet again let us meet

He will yet again let us hold eachothers hand

Next to me will always be your seat 

But God is the only one in demand


But unless fate kicks in

We'll be back together sooner then you think

Then it won't be up to him

We might be apart of some link


But for now I must let you go

But please know I'll always be thinking of you

Baby I don't want anyone else

That I hope you know


Because you were the only one to my heart

That was true

Love you always

I'll remember you gladly

I'll remember the bright and sunny days

In love with you I was madly



*All These Lies*


 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


All these lies

I'm getting sick of them

Sometimes I think I should say my good-byes

They are growing so fast like an infested stem


You tell me one thing

Then you tell me another

Your promises you never bring

It's amazing we're still together


I try to hold on

But you make me so mad

To the point I can"ttake it anymore

Letting go will only make me sad

These lies and promises are becoming a bore


I love you too much

But all these lies got to leave

Even though I'll miss your soft gentle touch

One day I'll be gone then you'll believe

That I got fed up with all these lies

It became too much


No more kissing

No more blue skies

You'll be missing

No more lies

Stop before it's to late

Stop before I lose all fate



*Where Do I Belong*


 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


I've been searching for you

And finally after fifteen years

Our hearts are no longer two

After all of these tears

I finally got the chance to be with you


But where do I belong

In your busy mind

I'm trying to be strong

But no matter what I do

In your head

Something always goes wrong

There are days you're not kind

It's always something hurtfull you said


I sit here to think

Nothing comes to mind at first

Another second passes before my day begins to stink

Wondering if I am cursed

Or if we will get some luck our way

Why must I feel like this everyday

I always feel like I'm gonna cry

Why do I even bother to try


Sometimes the thoughts in my mind

My head feels like it's gonna burst

And some thoughts aren't what I want to find

I want to share my thoughts with you

But I can't find the words they won't come out 


So another day passes by

We are stuck in a rut and can't escape

Your thoughts make you cry

Mine make me angry and so mad

And I want to shout

There's days where I feel our souls die


I havent seen your smile 

For a very long time

Honey it's been awhile

There's days I begin to wonder

My heart begins to break

I dont feel our relationship is as strong

When will our love get awake


I want us to be like before 

When we were happy and tight

Now it feels like im a bore

I want things to be right


I want to belong

I want to be with you

I want to feel your touch

I miss it when you don't kiss me 

I miss us so much

Please honey tell me what you want to do 

Do you want to keep us 

Or set us free



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*A Lasting Impression*

Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

A first kiss
A first touch
A first glance into those eyes
A first hug
A first for everything

That first kiss I really miss
That first touch again I want it so much
That first glance into your eyes
An imaginable lover in disguise
That first hug I cant wait to feel your arms
Warm and snug
The first for everything to me I want you to bring

A lasting impression
Is what i left
A loving affection
Is what i wish to get 


A lasting impression
Is what i brought to your mind
A lasting question
Why does God bless me with such a find


A lasting impression
Is what i bestow
A lasting gentleness
I love how much it grows


A lasting kindness
With great happiness
A lasting loveliness
Is what will show
And a bond so great that we will know


A lasting impression
I left on your heart
Is one I hold dearly
Always forever and never part



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