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 Febuary.17.2002 8:40pm

 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


There are things people do

When they're not thinking right

If I could only get in touch with you 

I'll look you in your eyes

And say sorry as I hold you tight 

As I wipe the tears away as we cry

And promise I'll never hurt you 

I promise you that this day

And let me assure you 

That's no lie


Please sweetheart

Give me another try

She's the one who tore us apart

With all her lies

Can't you see

You're one with my soul 

Since the start 

I never really wanted to set you free

Or let you go


What I'm trying to say

Is I'm sorry deep down inside

I want you back in my life

I don't want it anyother way 

Remember our saying

Best friends and a day

From the begining to the end


I miss you 

These words I write

They are all true

I want you back in my heart

In my eyes

Back in sight



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missing someone

Hi, thanks for reading my poem. Seems like there is a lot of angst thru your lines, and nothing inspires quite like that. Racing for Home was during a time I was mad for a girl. We e-mailed for 2 years, but she lived far and it wasn't meant to be, so....angst. I believe we attract what we love and what we fear,,,,so we can choose that only love is real. Fear seems real, it causes all anger, greed, lust...its always fear of not having what we feel we want or need that leads to feeling something is missing. Nothing is missing....you soul just wants to experience, your body just wants to be in balance. Fear cannot stand in the light. Steve