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Iowa, USA

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Horse back riding, 4 wheeling, playing with my dog, hanging out with kid, family and friends, going to concerts, rodeos and movies, shopping. I'm pretty easy to please but these are my favorites!!

I'm just me. I live on a farm in a tiny town in Iowa. My family and friends are very important to me,even though at times I know they may not think so, they are the wind in my sails... if not for them I would fail desperately in life. I'm crazy about all animals.

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It's an Innie? haha Seriously it's round and cute and it rarely talks back!!

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I have two
1.Life is not designed to be perfect... it is designed to teach us everything we need to know about Living to our fullest potential.

2. As long as we learn even the smallest thing from the trials and errors of our lives then we can live our life without regret... for regrets are just lessons unlearned.


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