*I Miss You Dearly My Love*


 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


I sit here and wait

You not being here is 

What I mostly hate

The feelings for you that I have

Still burn


Deep inside my heart

When you left I got upset

And I fell apart

But I'm still happy

Because you I met


I know you'll come back to me

Because what we shared

Can never be just free

Because deep down I know you cared

And to survive

It's my love you really need


So when time is right

Come back and take hold of my hand

And this time hold on real tight

Because all this time right next to you 

Is where I'll always stand


I will be here for you 

When ever you need a shoulder to cry

What we have I know is true

So whatever happens love

I'll always give us another try


Just remember who is your friend 

Because in my heart you'll always be

I'll stick by you till the end 

And I'll never set you or our friendship free

The special bond we have



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I enjoyed this one too.

I enjoyed this one too.