Monthly Archive for September 2012

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
YOU'RE TOAST Poem moxie Commitment, marriage Sep 1st
Distanced From Love Poem xio1818 Sep 1st
In the eye of the creator Poem Shadow_season corporation, cyborg, death, Extinction, government, holocaust, Life, self awareness, self preservation Sep 1st
Your Love Poem ex2bMrsC Sep 1st
Paradox Of Love Poem yellowcabs ironic, Mysterious Sep 1st
Jindagi Poem Puji 1 Sep 1st
Long Live The Dreamers Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 1st
DISTRACTION Poem Sanjit555 ending Sep 1st
Stereotypes (Are Never Right) Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 1st
PLAN B- Poem SSmoothie Sep 1st
Blue Moon Poem LittleLennonGurl 1 Sep 1st
tipsy poetry Poem readmy5tuff 6 Sep 1st
We need to take a stand Poem Jrestik 12 dying, Equality, freedom, hip, hop, Modern, Motto, soldiers, Yolo Sep 1st
Follow Your Heart (And Not The Blind) Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 1st
Lullaby Poem cdj410 2 Sep 1st
Limbo ( A poem by my son 10 year old) Poem shazi 2 a dream Sep 1st
Forget The Haters (Win Yourself Over Instead) Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 1st
Bullet proof vest Poem shazi Determination Sep 1st
Alone time Poem ValentineBuchannan 1 Sep 1st
The Blue Moon (Blessed Be) Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 1st
Let Yourself Be (Forever Free) Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 1st
I wanna kiss you but my mouth hurts (I can’t sleep) Poem running_with_rabbits Sep 1st
Free Your Mind (And Let Your Heart Follow) Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 1st
My Problems and their Solutions Poem Puji 1 Sep 1st
Change The World Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 1st
The World I Dream Of Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 1st
Crooked Poem SSmoothie 2 Sep 1st
Pain Poem DrakeS 1 Sep 1st
Venky says Poem vvbhatus General Sep 1st
Sever Poem life_used_to_be... 6 Sep 1st
Summer Dream Poem CoreyRyan1 Sep 1st
Lady Poem 41tulips 1 Alzheimers Sep 1st
Anhedonia Poem dampsoup melancholic depressed lonely void Sep 1st
Mighty Tribes Poem phil_carcione Sep 1st
The Last Word Poem 41tulips Sep 1st
Void Poem 41tulips father Sep 1st
Only Going Poem WhatIAmOrWillBe 1 question about life, the very meaning of life Sep 1st
If We Meet Again... Poem yangiekwon 1 love, regret Sep 1st
Wicked ways Poem SSmoothie 10 Sep 1st
Sorry Love Poem ValentineBuchannan Sep 1st
"The Beauty Of Every Thought" Poem Anonymous Sep 2nd
My Generation Poem krisharbor5526 Sep 2nd
I dreamt of my love today Poem haowugood 2 Sep 2nd
Romance Poem haowugood Sep 2nd
Torture Poem haowugood 2 Sep 2nd
Where My Heart Lays Poem yellowcabs Sep 2nd
Neuro Inc. Poem Shadow_season Comtpuers future Humans Machines soul Sep 2nd
Hope In Darkness Poem yellowcabs Sep 2nd
Dove Poem twincities Sep 2nd
ADAPT Poem ADAPT 2 Sep 2nd
Can You Hear Me, Can You See me Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 2nd
Changing Perspectives Poem MyinsecureSelf Sep 2nd
Once Pronounced Dead. Poem ADAPT 1 Sep 2nd
Tortured Soul With Innocent Eyes (Damien Echols) Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 2nd
Fragile Souls Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 2nd
Inevitable love Poem SSmoothie 3 Sep 2nd
After You Poem creativehue10 Sep 2nd
LINES INSPIRED ON THE EVENING OF SEPTEMBER 1, 2012 Poem emmenay Faith and facts Sep 2nd
He is Religious Poem blumentopf Sep 2nd
MY WIFE OF LOVE Poem skiproy2012 4 Sep 2nd
WHAT IS LIFE Poem skiproy2012 Sep 2nd
Shhh.. Poem Fitzgerald 7 Sep 2nd
Time Poem workm Sep 2nd
Stereotypical Black Poem N-Ninja 1 Sep 2nd
Our Love (Her side of the story) Poem krisharbor5526 Sep 2nd
forever Poem Char-Lee Sep 2nd
under water Poem Char-Lee Sep 2nd
Inspired to write Poem vikingqueen81 2 love Sep 2nd
you Poem Char-Lee Sep 2nd
why Poem Char-Lee Sep 2nd
piss off Poem Char-Lee Sep 2nd
never Poem Char-Lee Sep 2nd
tell me Poem Char-Lee Sep 2nd
truth Poem Char-Lee Sep 2nd
Mid Summer Poem haowugood Sep 2nd
now and then Poem Char-Lee Sep 2nd
break breaking broken Poem Char-Lee Sep 3rd
Bitter Coffee Poem spookywitch 3 Sep 3rd
Youtube Channel: IsaiahJackson60 Poem JacksonI Sep 3rd
A Learned Lesson Poem g3nevi3ve Sep 3rd
What do you write Poem shootingStar Sep 3rd
Just a one night stand ? Poem QuietWordz Fear, love, Lust, one night stand Sep 3rd
This Is Me Now Poem 41tulips scared Sep 3rd
Fruit Poem 41tulips Sep 3rd
Grandpa Poem 41tulips Grandpa death hope Sep 3rd
To Whom It May Concern : Poem anon 1 Sep 3rd
What it is Poem Lee Sep 3rd
One way Poem Lee Sep 3rd
Left out Poem writinggirl93 Sep 3rd
Stop Poem writinggirl93 Sep 3rd
View Poem writinggirl93 1 Sep 3rd
Single handed Poem Lee Sep 3rd
Deaf, Dumb, and Blind; Mid-Twenties' Nothings Roam Freely and Graze Poem deepblue 3 Sep 3rd
Inescure teenagers. *note, not a poem Poem MyinsecureSelf Sep 3rd
One Love Poem SoulKritiC different meanings Sep 3rd
We Are Finished Poem Silver__lining Sep 3rd
Could She Be?! Poem SoulKritiC secret crush Sep 3rd
Understand What I've Grown to Be Poem ers Sep 3rd
Make It Stop Poem ers Sep 3rd
Frac Poem Lee 1 Sep 3rd
Never give In (To The Brain Washed Masses) Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 3rd
Long Live Those (Who Insist On Being Themselves) Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 3rd
Long Live The Weird,Odd, And The Strange Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 3rd
Hurt Poem XJoeBobX Sep 3rd
Seaside Adventures Poem IntoTheDawn Beach, Dave, Guinness, seaside, sunshine, Tynemouth Sep 3rd
Father To Friend Poem trumpet7 Sep 3rd
Hearts Combined Poem XJoeBobX Sep 3rd
To him or her belongs the world Poem blumentopf 2 Sep 3rd
Ups and downs Poem XJoeBobX Sep 3rd
my friends became my moonlight Poem alkaharuno my friends Sep 3rd
My Professors, My Alma Mater Poem yellowcabs 2 almamater tribute graduation teacher professor Sep 3rd
Songs Poem haowugood Sep 3rd
The Asshole on my lips (drafted by love) Poem SSmoothie 1 Sep 3rd
"God's unfortunate psychadelic lily" by sharee givens Poem i_love_a_scotsman everlasting joy, Faith in God's all embracing love, heaven, in the garden, unconditional love Sep 3rd
What do you want from my life? Poem question_existing 1 Sep 3rd
To Summon the Muse on Valentine's Day Poem CoreyRyan1 1 Sep 3rd
Love Story Poem CoreyRyan1 5 Sep 3rd
Soar Away Poem soulstonic 2 Love light-hearted Relationships Sep 3rd
THE EYES SAID IT ALL Poem SSmoothie Sep 3rd
Language Poem haowugood Sep 3rd
A Shining Light Poem pizzaLover friendship, hidden feelings, love Sep 3rd
Touches Poem pizzaLover affection, friendship, love Sep 3rd
Can't do this... Poem pizzaLover Depression, Rejection Sep 3rd
Not alone, afterall... Poem pizzaLover friendship, new found love Sep 3rd
Ruined Hopes Poem pizzaLover 1 insecurity Sep 3rd
Last Poem? Poem pizzaLover 2 Loneliness, Rejection Sep 3rd
Missing you Poem pizzaLover missing someone Sep 3rd
Sharing Poem pizzaLover 1 experiences shared Sep 3rd
Your lure Poem pizzaLover 3 attraction Sep 3rd
The Apotheosis of Love and Lust Prose haowugood Sep 3rd
Mask Prose haowugood Sep 3rd
Ode to Sorrow Prose haowugood Sep 3rd
Circles around triangles Poem SSmoothie 2 Sep 4th
So Far Away Poem TheHouseOfR Sep 4th
Coming back Poem ruth_x_less 1 Sep 4th
Pain Does Grow Poem TheHouseOfR Sep 4th
Refuse To Fall Poem TheHouseOfR Sep 4th
Power Poem Bluemeeeeeee Sep 4th
Help Poem Bluemeeeeeee Sep 4th
Collapsing duality Poem SSmoothie 3 Sep 4th
Upgrade 4.0 Poem Shadow_season andriods artifical life coroporations death downloads dreams piriating Sep 4th
of dirt and spit Poem redpyramid9000 1 Sep 4th
Unless You Desire Poem Silver__lining Sep 4th
A Taunting Ring Poem Silver__lining Sep 4th
Begins From What If Poem Silver__lining Sep 4th
You Make Me Smile Poem Silver__lining Sep 4th
Only When You're Alone & Hurt Poem Silver__lining Sep 4th
Onto Better & Bigger Things Poem Silver__lining 2 Sep 4th
five more minutes till the horns break the sky again! Poem redpyramid9000 Sep 4th
Migraine Poem ADAPT Sep 4th
death is waiting Poem martal_arts 3 Sep 4th
The Essential Silence Poem SoulKritiC reunited again Sep 4th
unanswered questions Poem EuphoricAmore Sep 4th
Ironic domestic Poem SSmoothie 1 Sep 4th
Embrace Who You Are Inside Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 4th
The bench Poem Moonshadow 2 Sep 4th
Killing Time, for Worthless Paper Poem WhatIAmOrWillBe 1 CURRENCIES, foolish, Life, society, Tragedy, waste Sep 4th
Manifest This Lonesome Man Poem WhatIAmOrWillBe 3 Sep 4th
I Methed Up Once Poem WhatIAmOrWillBe 3 Sep 4th
A Burning Soul Poem Evans10 2 Sep 4th
The Truly Guilty Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 4th
substance or essence Poem 9inety Sep 4th
Boy Meets Girl Poem Seraphim Sep 4th
Book Poem haowugood Sep 4th
A Message To Those Who Screwed The WM3 Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 4th
Cleanse & Closure Inc. Poem Sivus 1 Consequences, death, Life, Suicide Sep 4th
Dark Mirror Poem EmilyCreate Sep 4th
Rain Poem Fitzgerald 2 Sep 4th
Bubble Buffer Poem Sivus 1 weird Sep 4th
Capetown bully Poem dmjmotivation Sep 4th
Rejection Poem dmjmotivation Sep 4th
Candy Store Poem dmjmotivation Sep 4th
What Had Happen Was... Poem dmjmotivation Sep 4th
The Moon Poem workm Sep 4th
She's a Bitch Poem yangiekwon gah! Sep 4th
Mess of Me Poem metaphorist 1 Sep 4th
Mental Mirages Poem metaphorist Sep 4th
Artificial Substitutes Poem metaphorist Sep 4th
The Greatest Lie Poem metaphorist Sep 4th
I’m a Woman Poem metaphorist 1 Sep 4th
You (words to my old self) Poem exthias1983 2 anger, Battle, Christ, love, spiritual battle Sep 4th
Reaching farther Poem soulstonic 2 over coming savior will love pain Sep 4th
A story for my unrequited love Prose haowugood Sep 4th
blinded by stupidity Prose EuphoricAmore 1 Sep 4th
2 tiles Prose significance_of_2 1 couple, got your back, guidance shadow, hidden meaning, love, mahjong Sep 4th
To Bertrand Russell Prose haowugood 1 Sep 4th
Luck Poem Sivus Abstract, Acceptance, freedom, inevitability, Life Sep 5th
Freedom Man with A Universal Mind Poem SoulKritiC 2 spirits are free Sep 5th
Dance Partner Poem grahf Sep 5th
Away With Pain Poem pinkdot7 1 Pain Sep 5th
Jukebox Warmth Poem grahf Sep 5th
irrelevant specks Poem SSmoothie 2 Sep 5th
Decay Poem pinkdot7 DECAY Sep 5th
Selective Suicide Poem pinkdot7 1 blood, choke, cut, dead, death, die, gun, Knife, rope, Suicide Sep 5th
All This Time Poem Silver__lining Sep 5th
Drowning My Thoughts Poem Silver__lining Sep 5th
Nightmare Poem kilanarain Sep 5th
Alone On My Own Poem Silver__lining Sep 5th
Back Then Again Poem Silver__lining Sep 5th
A Facade for Love Poem MyinsecureSelf Sep 5th
Tainted cell of my form Poem SSmoothie 2 Sep 5th
missomnia Poem readmy5tuff 2 Sep 5th
why2 Poem readmy5tuff 4 Sep 5th
fated souls Poem 9livesofapoet 6 Sep 5th
A Truth Everyone Needs To Learn Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 5th
Stormy nights Poem Juggalette....MCL 3 Sep 5th
Truly Free Poem LittleLennonGurl Sep 5th
:: still waters run deep:: Poem geminine Sep 5th
Above Infatuation Poem soulstonic 4 love complicated Sep 5th
a kiss ends in confessing Poem 9inety 4 Sep 5th
Satellite B Poem Sivus Avoidance, hurt, Lessons, Lost love, love Sep 5th
Simple Life Poem workm Sep 5th
Yellow Poem mrpoofs 2 Sep 5th
Breathe Blood Poem pinkdot7 bleed, blood, bloody., breathe, cut, death, Knife, Suicide Sep 5th
Higher Poem writinggirl93 Sep 5th
Awry Poem pinkdot7 Awry wrong mad crazy Sep 5th
Thrills, Kills, and Hills Poem pinkdot7 2 Thrill Sep 5th
Life Poem Dark_Scorpion 2 Angst, Life, Thoughts Sep 5th
Claws Poem pinkdot7 bleed, claws Sep 5th
The start of a new part Poem Bluemeeeeeee Sep 5th
Memories Poem hellcat Sep 5th
How the life works/feelings Poem Bluemeeeeeee 4 Sep 5th
I'm Sorry Poem hellcat 3 Sep 5th
Two Months Poem hellcat Sep 5th
Burn (Left In Ashes) Poem pinkdot7 Sep 5th
Last Picked Poem hellcat 2 Sep 5th
Hurt Poem hellcat Sep 5th
For Two Poem metaphorist Sep 5th
The Upside of Down Poem metaphorist Sep 5th
Depression Poem hellcat Sep 5th
Ignored Poem Dark_Scorpion 2 Life, Lost-Love, relationship Sep 5th
Naked Poem hellcat naked Sep 5th
Monster in the Darkness Poem hellcat Sep 5th
Shit Happends! Poem hellcat Sep 5th
The Myth Poem hellcat Sep 5th
Mysterious Trees Poem hellcat 2 Sep 5th
returning to the self Poem 420skater Sep 5th
Between the Pages Poem cevance 2 -LovePoem- Sep 5th
Withering Poem 41tulips Sep 5th
FIRE AND SOUND Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 5th
Tan Poem mrpoofs 1 Sep 5th
THE SULTRY UNCOMMON Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 6th
Poem for English 2 Poem Cateyemania Langston Hughes Variation Sep 6th
My Mouth Poem 41tulips Sep 6th
Bright Light Poem 41tulips Sep 6th
Memory Poem 41tulips Sep 6th
The Inner Place Poem GraciousGift Worship Praise Love Relationship Sep 6th
Introducing; The Lizard King Poem SoulKritiC the alpha and omega Sep 6th