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Born For Infinity 


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As water falls
  from clouds
And music flows
from guitars
and words leave
  the poet
and light
  pours from stars

As art
 from the painter
 scent radiates
from bloom
peach tree
bursts from pit
 child born
of womb

As attraction
leaves the magnet
love departs the heart
heat leaves the fire
from souls depart

-saiom shriver-

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A Face and A Mirror

and I'll find my way back and fill every crack
of what I dared to abandon and lack
As I hid under a shadow and erased my name
Because all others thought I was just a game

To take the needles called imperfections out of my heart
and use them as the strength to guide me a better part
Where the papers of my chapter aren't so wrinkled and illegible anymore
and I open my real eyes and to the light, beckoning, a real door

To my surprise, all is shining and ever free
and the clear sparkle of waters bring to reflect the real me
So, then, what brings you, what monster are you, foul mirror?
To sacrifice my time and what I hold ever dearer?

I ask you then, will it be a face, or will it be my words?
Or do my words mean nothing, flocking appeal to idle herds?

Bring to me please, the powerful quality and grace of personality
and let beauty paint my face, beauty associated with the pureness of my mentality

To Love

I yearn to love, a love with a passion

Joining hearts, a fatal attraction

To be fondled by your words alone, holding on to promises by your lips

To savor the sweetness and emotion that drips

Let us hold together, let our eyes slowly find and meet

Let all time stop, with nothing but our heartbeats


A sprinkle of starlight from high in heaven's lair -
mimics crystalline highlights that shower your hair
The many shades - gently caressed by an angel's hand -
gives rise of lilac's fragrance from each silken strand

Unknown to harshness - her soft unblemished skin,
smooth perfection unaltered by sun or wind
Outer beauty is seen, but there's more to be told,
nestled in comfort like a child in cradles hold

A tinge of jade speaks of gentleness deep inside;
emeralds slowly fade with the closing of her eyes
With turn of heads, the moon and stars often weep,
silently gazing upon this gentle soul in sleep

Life's grandest views - hidden within simple things,
beyond shallow eyes it always holds more than seems
Gates swing wide for those seeking something more;
enter the refuge - peer into your mind's open door

Mild as a whisper, her voice delicately refined,

upon lovely smiles each sweetness combined

Like an air of dreams - cast by magic's spell,

into these depths is where I long to dwell

If images could be paused in a moment of time,
inside  stilled sands - you would always be mine
With halt to seconds - through portals of hourly glass,
I'd be there to love you until eternity's very last

© C.E. Vance

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A mistake from start to finish.

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Love The Gothic Girls Mystery


I love girls in their cloths
I love girls wearing satin robes
I love girls in foggy weather
Wearing designer coats
And pants from leather

I love girls in make-up that is dark
I love girls with pierced tongues
I love girls interested in cemetery parks
Head banging to some industrial music
And handcuffs hanging off of their bags to add a noise

Love the girls who are intriguingly unique
Love the girls who gather information to heighten their intellect
Love the girl who use reverse psychology to get the perverts away
Therefore being a lesbian clarifies girl on girl contact

Love the girls in so many different shapes
Love the girls who have eyes that stand out
Love the girls who have lips for mine to escape
Into each mystery we get to know about
Give in just for a taste

I love my Gothic girls
They drive me crazy
Urging to know their mystery

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A Poem of my kind of Taste in Women.

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Booty Base (A Dramatic Poem About Ass)

Like a bird, enamored by a coin;

my prose is dictated, and destroyed

by a bauble with a sultry shake.

Left to own devices in its wake,

I imagine few could stand for long

a tidy consciousness, banging on

through many euphemistic daydreams:

beleaguered by the thought of inseams

that cannot hold against her motion -

constant like a turbulent ocean.

Should the dams collapse and waves emerge,

I would dare not sing a restive dirge,

as you'd be choice for avoidance: a

floatation device in deployment,

enjoyed through the crisis we'd divert;

drawing the eyes of the extroverts.

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Broken Valentine


Broken valentine
Heart shattered in two
She'll never mend my broken wounds
No question, no clue

Broken heart
Glue both pieces back together
Easy my throbbing pain
Let us be together forever

Broken soul
She drives me out of control
Her appearence is perfection
Never letting my eyes go

Broken princess
Curious yet unsure
Is she this? Is she that?
Never will she know without taking the first step
To go with the flow

Broken beauty
Alone looking for dyke charming
Be a tomboy, attractive butch or femme fatale
And the one I am looking for who knows you could be it

In front of my eyes, behind my back unexpected
The girl for me, I am the girl for you
The search must continue on

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Search for a Lesbian Love. Ignore the Labels, just part of the Poem.

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Your lure

What is it about you?
Even now knowing what I know...
I can't bear to be away from you.
I miss you terribly.

There is no more future,
or at least as I once dreamed.
But some future is better than no future,
No matter its essence.

Even now,
I feel your lure.
Even now,
I can't escape...
Nor do I want to.

What I once hoped for,
I can never have.
And yet, I want
whatever is left to be had.

I want to be around you,
talk to you,
pick your brain,
hear your chuckle.

I want to feel your touch,
even if only given in friendship.

I want to learn from you,
laugh with you,
talk to you,
tease you.

I am not proud...
I have no friends.
Couldn't I have just one good one?
And couldn't it be you?

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I Can't

Soul mates

What's the point? whats the use?
I can't handle not being your muse.
I look for meaning in your dark eyes,
I can't keep lying, myself I so realize.
I mask the dissapointment oh so well,
I can't believe that you just can't tell;
When you're the one who knew we fell?
If we were really all we could possibly be;
I can't believe you can't still feel it in me,
I see the honey melting in your gentle look -
I can't know the pieces of your heart I took
I left you in a hazy doubt by word, by needs
I could not go there, not by word or by deeds...
The rapturous torture, on my pain will ever feed,
On loves one and only pledge and this undying creed,
I can't let go of all that nearly was, we were effortless,
So close. A trick, a trace and we all lose face,
Hope, hope till nothing's left,
Barr unending grace...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Haunted by the one you must lose all in this life to gain and lose in the one to come. happy to hear what you think :)