"God's unfortunate psychadelic lily" by sharee givens

i accept myself as God's unfortunate psychadelic lily.
consider the fact that i have only 6 petals but my root (soul) is dry to the bone.
as a flower on vacation from God's permanent garden, i seek temporary refuge
in the presence of a FAITH FILLED Gardener.
water me with:
1 Faith (Your relationship with God, so my faith (leaves) won't become transparent)
2 Unconditional Love (Unconditional Love that is blind, deaf, and speechless to all my flaws inside out & outside in)
3 Joy (Joy that is everlasting in mind, body, and spirit)
4 Freedom (Freedom to be who we truly are to brighten the world but remain close enough to share in each others destiny)
5 Compassion (Compassion to respect the world but wise enough to follow only your heart)
6 Responsibility (Responsibility to forgive the past and accept the future with no expectations)
to offer my companionship will be the only richness of us, for i am poor in everything especially a hand to hold.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

acceptance. this is who i am.