Reaching farther

I won't gather up the bits and pieces
If I do, it's to scatter them among the weak
I'm not planning to mend what was there
Or glue together what is left
Love, if that's cruel, then call me a villain
Because I'm here to find who the real you is
Don't give me cliches of a broken heart
Don't tell me who was right or wrong
The only reason I want to hear this pain,
Is to wipe it away like an ocean wave-
Where sand and water blend to one
So too our souls will dissolve
I'll take you to a place where the world is left behind
And show you how to fly
Just know I'm going to take the misery
The dreaded walls that close you in
They'll break away and cave against the force of my love
So yes, call me evil. Say it again.
And Fight against your will that devours from within
But soon you'll be free to start anew.

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Great write. I like your

Great write. I like your writing style a lot.

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Thank you :D I really

Thank you :D

I really appreciate that.