Acid Reflux

the freezer was interesting with a crush grape

it's sickening to think like sippin' listerine then drunkin' it

a bystander pleasin' their needs for free

that happens when your nice and advantage is took for more things

what siblings touch with just oven mits?

and what i just said lets them know i'll spot a stripped twist

i'd rather battle relapse and grasped the mix

not like x factor,my mind allows action

obstacles get winded dodgin' a hit

now why'd they respond by standin' soundless where they're grounded still

dalvin got more liquids than a scientist

the rest of the house is down and poutin with their mouth's stiff

dry of cotton mouth and dyin' of thirst

i'm fine bitin' munch and noddin' up to swallow purple stuff

upward elbow clutch

numbful cheers

like a couple of beers

delight with each tilt

this to the grumpy taste budders stumped at guzzlers

drankin' mugs they never paid for didn't even tell first

to begin with

we're fixed to carbohydrates

when missin' in a time of need our feelings get bothered

keep your tips off em'

not a space of popped bubbles anywhere on the bottle shall be how it was

the rush is awesome

repeating flavor

a sting in the neck area

see ya' later

reach a settlement

the cap get smack-palm ripped off again when the time has come

not twice but maybe once

i tossed a filled product

the odds are very small like midgets boutta knock tall ones

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We need to take a stand

Screw all the dumb teenagers who use the term "YOLO"
While you're at it screw Drake too and the song "the motto"
I can't tell if the people are dumb or just simply confused
I reckon I should give a lesson on when and when not to use
You've got inspiration born from dedication from people who live once
then you got the stupid born from society deciding to eat a worm for lunch
Its gives me little faith in humanity seeing how people live their lives
I know it isn't mine but I think its a waste for the many soldiers that have died
We've been given freedom and equality I'm sure they'd be ashamed
The overdose of poison injected in our ear, The doctors are to blame
All they talk about is a messed up life and exaggerate the truth
Between listen to the nonsense, I would rather loose a tooth
Its time to make a change society need a new leader
We need someone who will make a change and be a good preacher
Cleanse the delusional minds of the modern day "Hip-Hop"
Its the same as a Chinese made Iphone, they're both rip offs.

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