love complicated

Already Forgotten

Don't blink.
You've missed it.
You've missed me.
I want you.
I need you.
You don't want me.
It kills unbearably.
Lets run away together.
Listen to meriwether.
Lets go out tonight.
Not tolerate the fight.
Just do it.
Don't say shit.
Be mine.
You're so fine.
You have a great heart.
I just wish you would start.
Let's make a sight to see.
Lets make a memory.
I think I like you.
I think..
I think something.
I am nothing.
You don't like me.
We can't be.
Best forget me..
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Back in January I wrote this about a guy I fell madly in love with. He lead me on. Used me. And then turned around to get into a relationship with another girl. I was left pretty upset.

Above Infatuation

That feeling I get when you're here
It pulsates a rhythm that is constant and clear,
It never strays, waivers, or stops.
This feeling makes me weak of heart!
And though I'm taken by another
Our souls seem to blend beautifully
-Like two colors
To you, who, by timing, is not my lover
But became something much more elevated
If it makes sense, logical or not
My love for you goes beyond-
Any sensation, lust, or adornment
Above the influence of my heart
Just. My. Soul.
Because the heart can be exceedingly wicked
I cannot trust what its opinion might give
For now let's float in innocence
Away from the darkness, away from sin
Away from premonitions of what might give in

Author's Notes/Comments: 

So I don't feel its complete or finished but for now this is what I have. There will be future revising and maybe a continuation. :)

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