We Are Equal

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i am learning to write poems ,if there is a mistake on one of the lines on the poem  please tell me

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Streets Governed Criminal

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the taijitu of disparity

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The balance within inequality.

Equal grounds

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We need to take a stand

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Look (Up) Upon

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* II Poems To Women

Women Are Spirit
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As the world with 6
billion people grows more
crowded and green spaces
are ever more precious
.. many Catholics and others
look to contraception
.. Ed Markovich has
reported studies
of the pro choice
prolife spectrum..
a. some think
all abortion is wrong
b. some think
all abortions should
be allowed
c. some believe in
first trimester abortion
d. some believe in
first and 2nd trimester

Some believe the soul
does not enter the
body until the quickening
(first audible
heartbeat)(usually in the 5th month)
JBO recounts a NY
Times obituary ..
a pregnant woman
tried to abort herself
with a hangar
.. the baby was born
without arms or legs..
she went around Baltimore
on a cart.. she had
to prove to Children's
Services that she was
capable of raising
a baby.. and demonstrated
changing diapers with her
teeth.. before she
was hit by a car
and killed....

Starseed Transmissions:
One does not have enough
data to assign value to any action.

Several unelected presidents, judges,
senators and representatives
have voted for war
and pursued war with the
votes of the prolife
movement. Yet the babies
of Baghdad have been
bombed and the gold bouillion has gone to

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