unconditional love



I gaze upon them, so peaceful,

The life they lead, so blissful.

Their whiskers bend on the carpet,

Grouped in pairs, like a bartlett.

The songs they sing, ever loving,

Grazing my heart, so touching.

Patters of their feet instill amusement,

As they run to me in contentment.

The fur that drapes them, the softest,

Brushing my skin, I almost lost it.

The moments we share, always profound,

The love we exchange, safe and sound.

Within these arms they know,

That their soul I take with me in tow.

If ever we find ourselves apart,

One thing always remains: our heart.

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Like music making

sacred any lyrics

unconditional love

lifts all aloft


-saiom shriver-



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"God's unfortunate psychadelic lily" by sharee givens

i accept myself as God's unfortunate psychadelic lily.
consider the fact that i have only 6 petals but my root (soul) is dry to the bone.
as a flower on vacation from God's permanent garden, i seek temporary refuge
in the presence of a FAITH FILLED Gardener.
water me with:
1 Faith (Your relationship with God, so my faith (leaves) won't become transparent)
2 Unconditional Love (Unconditional Love that is blind, deaf, and speechless to all my flaws inside out & outside in)
3 Joy (Joy that is everlasting in mind, body, and spirit)
4 Freedom (Freedom to be who we truly are to brighten the world but remain close enough to share in each others destiny)
5 Compassion (Compassion to respect the world but wise enough to follow only your heart)
6 Responsibility (Responsibility to forgive the past and accept the future with no expectations)
to offer my companionship will be the only richness of us, for i am poor in everything especially a hand to hold.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

acceptance. this is who i am.


2010-2012 Poems

Where the dusk meets the dawn,
And all dreams sublime-
My thoughts are as intense
As the first ray of sun.

And these thoughts are in vain
Unheard, blown by the wind.
Like lost dandelions
Scattered in the abyss.

You can call it surrealistic liberty
Or a self-inflicted crime.
To find my way to you
Is a struggle of a lifetime.

But oh, sacchariferous naiveté!
Morphine to 'our' impossibility,
It's better you do not know-
You allure and terrify my inner core.

You are worth fighting for, you make me happy.
But I can't lead you to a life, uneasy.
I won't cross the line, I take heed.
Cause I would have loved you more than anything-

I concede.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

-jerlin (15Feb12)