Black & White: The First Dream


The first dream with the most strange colors,

Which are no colors: black and white.

Why they erased the colors in my dream?

On this I had no answer.


Surrounded in the most bright white,

Was I, cloaked in positivity.

Pure and perfected,

As the most innocent child.


Cloaked in shadow, blackened,

Was the halo of Nyarlathotep.

The unknown, the mysterious;

Being stuck in His web...


Being together the Yin & Yang,

One in darkness, the other bright in light.

O, Nug and Yeb together,

The inseparable twins alive!

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Some thoughts about a dream I had.

A Work Of Art

It's remarkable, the strength of a woman.
It's unbelievable, the courage of a woman.
You can't deny the power of a woman..
And it's suffocating, the love of a woman.

Beautiful, sophisticated, mysterious.. a woman is a work of art.
And even when faced with adversities while pursuing her desires, a woman remains as tough as steel.
You can try, but you could never change what's inside a woman's heart,
Cause when a woman loves, she loves for real.

Every man needs a woman by his side,
And every woman deserves to be treated like a queen.
They say life is a beautiful ride, so who better to enjoy it with than a beautiful bride?
In the end, a loyal woman deserves it all..
So if a woman decides to give you her all with no empty promises in between, don't let her fall.

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Paradox Of Love

Acrostic Poetry

I'm waking up every morning filled with
despair that Ive started the day having
thoughts of you in my mind. They always
remind me of my wasted efforts that will never
give me a reason to smile and feel inspired;
Soon after, tears began to fall, rushing from my eyes
And when I remember the times we were together,
I wished I didn't spend any of those moments with you. Un-
happiness just immediately conquer my heart, letting me feel so
disappointed that I let myself to feel very un-
grateful that I've had the chance to be with you.
with that, I'm more willing to forget everything about you.
The love, care and concern that I expressed for you
is not even true. My indifference and coldness for you
increases daily. The more I see you, the more
you appear in my eyes as an object of discomfort. Eventually
I would see myself in every way, determined
to hate you. I assure you that I'll never live
to love you because I always expect nothing but the
content to be with my friends to cover up for the dis-
pleasure of being with you. Believe me,
I regret the day that I knew you plus
the fact that I'm really in love with you is
not true. You never mean anything to me. You're not
giving me the motivation to hold on. I hope that we will
never ever talk with each other again. I don't even want to
fix things up between us. I want you
to go away and never ever consider of coming
back. I also wanted you to know that I'm
finally learning to move on and that I'm not even

Please read between the lines

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This isn't a poem. This is a message, a letter, for a man who didn't care nor consider a lady's attempt to clarify things going on between them. More often, it is really the men(some or many) who are unfathomable. (Just from my view-point). The idea of this letter is not originally came from me. But I revised the whole message to tell what I really felt. If a man can't be read, then you should try reading this one, considering a lady's mind too. I hope you get the REAL message.

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Long Train Running

2005 11 13

It moves along, slow & steadily
Never stopping, never waiting
Never ceasing nor abating
It just keeps moving on
Her dreary lullaby rings out readily
So distant, yet so clear
As it echoes through the years
But just keeps moving on

It chugs at its own pace
Never slower, never faster
And the old train master
Just keeps it moving on
With it's nameless face,
And it's tuneless melody
Of our dreams & memories
As it keeps us moving on.

Its haunting rhythm chants
Of all things we call memorable,
Of our fates we hold inevitable,
As we keep moving on
Our life in but a glance
So gloomy, yet so grand
Still the train waits for no man
And just keeps moving on.

Life slips through my fingers
Hypnotized by her droning hymn
As the shadows grow so dim
Still we keep moving on
Its recurring rhythm lingers
Its song, it leaves a stain
We must get off the train,
And we stay--as it moves on

The only sound now is silence
The light is quickly fading
The darkness now cascading
We can never get back on
We must yield in compliance,
We brought death through our persistence,
For the train was our existence,
But now the train has gone...

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Look into my Eye's

Volume One



Look into my eye's”


Look into my eye's

and tell me what you see, tell me who to be

gather towards my mass, break and shatter just like glass

weaving lies into dreams, starting at the seams


The pain seems to grow and never enough

twisting and turning making you tough

hurting, bleeding for the forbidden desires

fueling the emotional fires

Trapped in my world

trapped in my cell, compared to heaven it's hell

Never ending, forever sending, even more demented

pushing me deeper down

look into my eye's and tell me what you see

look into my eye's and hide from me

Look into my eye's, Look deep past the lies

Look into my eye's for what you seek, you just might find



Author's Notes/Comments: 

(Updated; From Psycho- Confessions)

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