The Asshole on my lips (drafted by love)

Soul mates

just woke up from another mindless dream of you
You were at a junkyard full of cars
and we were sitting a bunch of us in a car shell.
i went to get a coke,
i offered you some but some old hag
insisted she take it.
you missed out again
a small token of how much i want to give
andhow hard it is to give any of it to you
so symboic of us.

always something there to remind me
always someone there to stop me
God I can't take it
my heart screaming out for you again..
how did you come to own me,
my thoughts, my dreams, my heart,
when I don't fall under assholes spells...

your the sleeze in every bar corner
the jerk who comes to call
a liar and a theif with smooth words
slip in, slip out nothing more
a pouncer an opportunist
taking weak damsels
and filling them with your pride
your missy at home resigned
to hear the gossips SNIDE

but not with me...
with me you are tender
and swear we coulve had it all
you wont touch me with those dirty hands
you want the love on my lips
to linger on our tongues
i wont say it loud it sits upon the tasting
my lips are the only way
i wont let you partake them
a gentlemans heart in breaking
but theres no use in partaking
our whole worlds will fall
with that one sweet kiss
im sure the world will end
and you, what ever it is youve done
all the sleezy the asshole cheques youve written
ive become the balance

it never sits well and the words
are forever trying to jump off my lips
but you and I are fighters to the end
with our one consolation
wating for us in the stars
this army of love has us drafted to
live the tales of Gold
of tristan an Isolde
Romeo and Juilet
and any other great starcrossed love
born a day too late.

And I will pretend to be who you are
not by nature but by force
a hunter trying to replace the
thrill of the greatest prize

because i am honor bound
so much easier for you think
im an asshole, easier for me
to think your screwing around

even when we both know
drafted by love till the end
a woman and a man so close
every secret told tucked inside a heart fold
their worlds would end
this is why they must pretend
this asshole comandant and that and
that true love soldier man
who drafted by love
love like only greatest loves can.

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