Monthly Archive for April 2012

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Your darkness Poem katrinea Loneliness, love Apr 1st
Cosmic Afterglow (take two) Poem SSmoothie Apr 1st
Midnight Blues Poem jawniegwen Apr 1st
NO Title Yet Poem jawniegwen Apr 1st
Sad and lonely Poem jawniegwen Apr 1st
Wounds Poem jawniegwen Apr 1st
fait accompli a thousand times Poem SSmoothie Apr 1st
The thief has come to kill and steal Poem jawniegwen Apr 1st
The Filler To My Ache Poem ForeverLonely Apr 1st
Only Once For Me Poem dare2dream 1 Apr 1st
I Long For The Day Poem ForeverLonely Apr 1st
The Life of a Military Wife Poem ForeverLonely Apr 1st
Poor Abandoned Me Poem ForeverLonely 1 Apr 1st
Behind her tears Poem deeplysensative 2 Apr 1st
Incarcerated for life....(freestyle) Poem EvolutionsofPoetry incarceration, Life, POETRY Apr 1st
I wish you the best Poem deeplysensative Apr 1st
ARE YOU SICK OF ME YET? Poem SSmoothie 5 Apr 1st
Love.. Poem EvolutionsofPoetry God, Life, love, relationships, trust Apr 1st
He Loves Us This Much... Poem EvolutionsofPoetry Faith in God's all embracing love Apr 1st
My Praise is not For Sale, Is there No Justice (collabration with Makeisha Williams & Evolutions of Poetry) Poem EvolutionsofPoetry 2 church, freedom to assemble, God, injustice, laws, praise, truth, worship Apr 1st
A Letter To the One I love Most... Poem EvolutionsofPoetry love, marriage, relationships, seperation, War Apr 1st
A Question Poem ADAPT Apr 1st
stick's an stones Poem Daniel-59 1 Apr 1st
My Happy Poem MrsLivingston© cocaine, coke, Drugs, happy Apr 1st
Why I Write Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 1st
freedom Poem coolpoet 3 freedom is our right Apr 1st
your with me always............. Poem coolpoet 1 my teacher......... Apr 1st
alice Poem woman1026 deception, truth Apr 1st
Easter in the castle. Poem dolphin Apr 1st
To You, My Soul I Lend Poem soinlove37 Apr 1st
You and I Poem soinlove37 Apr 1st
On Your Shoulders Poem soinlove37 Apr 1st
On My Hands Poem soinlove37 Apr 1st
The Recollection Poem soinlove37 Apr 1st
Reflection's Desire Poem soinlove37 Apr 1st
Speak It Breathe It Burn It Delete It. (vers.1.0) Poem CaptainShambles speaking poetry nature of words Apr 1st
Maybe Poem CaptainShambles dont judge a book by its cover Apr 1st
The Sunset Poem CaptainShambles a talk, death, two lovers Apr 1st
Trespasser's Log Poem Sivus 1 Life Apr 1st
PRIZE MACHINE Poem chris Apr 2nd
Friendship Severed Poem dare2dream Apr 2nd
Open Your Eyes Poem bluebird_ 1 Apr 2nd
Ridiculous Poem strawberrieme Apr 2nd
we are harlequins Poem strawberrieme Apr 2nd
In the First Place Poem Silver__lining Apr 2nd
Reading Words on Sunday Evening Poem Silver__lining Apr 2nd
THE ROCK STAR Poem palewingedpoetess Apr 2nd
My Heart is in A Little TOwN Poem Silver__lining Apr 2nd
In Massa Freezin Poem Silver__lining Apr 2nd
Stick it! Poem SSmoothie 3 Apr 2nd
I can only love you "If" Poem Daniel-59 Apr 2nd
To my loving Sister(explitic) Poem facethetruth2b 1 Apr 2nd
Earwax Poem thisisme789 ears, earwax Apr 2nd
Mama Mia Movie Poem thisisme789 Mama mia movie, movie Apr 2nd
I Can't Dance Poem thisisme789 2 dancing, lack of dance skills Apr 2nd
How H20 Saved the Day Poem MrCake Arid, Forgotten, Life, MrCake, Plants, Rhyme, Roots, Wahoo, water, Yay Apr 2nd
That Monster Called Regret Poem dare2dream 5 Apr 2nd
Spring Poem fighter4life Apr 2nd
electric faux fur Poem redpyramid9000 Apr 2nd
Tower-Headed Poem Sivus Apr 3rd
Never Come Back Poem DaveBrowder Apr 3rd
Beside You In Time Poem strangelittleboy Apr 3rd
My Promise To You, My Love Poem Koriand'r Apr 3rd
Silent Warm Chirping Poem poetry_freak Apr 3rd
POET INCARNATE Poem palewingedpoetess Apr 3rd
Life Poem Readjustedtolife 4 Apr 3rd
Worth Living Poem LittleLennonGurl 2 Apr 3rd
lifes roller coaster Poem martal_arts 2 Apr 3rd
Me Tonight Poem LittleLennonGurl 2 Apr 3rd
In time of great celibration Poem ADAPT Apr 3rd
What once was Poem Readjustedtolife 1 Apr 3rd
Learn To Read, Learn To See Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 3rd
taking it away Poem woman1026 Darkness Apr 3rd
Dark Poem Readjustedtolife Apr 3rd
Cumbersome Poem poetry_freak Apr 3rd
Exit Missing... Poem poetry_freak Apr 3rd
Grief Poem thisisme789 grief, the word grief, thoughts on certain thoughts about grief Apr 3rd
What is time? (60 second version for challenge) Poem thisisme789 60 second challenge Apr 3rd
Super-wizard beard more like full-blown hermit Poem redpyramid9000 Apr 3rd
You Destroy It Poem Silver__lining Apr 3rd
There is A World in Your Words Poem Silver__lining Apr 3rd
RECONSIDERATION Poem palewingedpoetess Apr 3rd
Upon a wall, the words were written in blood/From the Land of Chaos Poem Shadow_season confusion, dead, Doubt, outbreak, plague, prophesy, Zombies Apr 3rd
Forgot!! Poem IdotKnowStill Apr 3rd
Pain Poem Joliebelle Apr 4th
The last Poem nighthawk21 Apr 4th
Good woman Poem Readjustedtolife Apr 4th
Leave them with a bow Poem Cowboydan Life, love Apr 4th
Ode to the American Poet and a Girl Poem Cowboydan bob dylan, Life, love, Music, relationships Apr 4th
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Castration Sonata Poem Cowboydan Learning, Life, love Apr 4th
Butterfly Poem Cowboydan Apr 4th
If You Feel Human Again Poem Silver__lining Apr 4th
I Think You're So Mean Poem Silver__lining Apr 4th
He Will Place You In My Arms Poem cathycavalcante 2 Apr 4th
Open Heart Surgery (freewrite) Poem Cowboydan freewrite, frustration, Loneliness, love Apr 4th
New Working Disney Magic Kingdoms Hack and Cheats for Mod APK Android and Ios [No Survey 2021] Poem Cowboydan 1 Apr 4th
Rehearsing Lines Poem Cowboydan Life, loss, love Apr 4th
[get hack] Working Disney Magic Kingdoms Gems Magic Generator Hack Android Ios 2021 Cheats No Human Verification Poem Cowboydan 1 Apr 4th
God Writes Me Sad Poem Cowboydan God, Life Apr 4th
Demons with Wings Poem Cowboydan dreams, Life, love Apr 4th
Conversation with God Poem Cowboydan Apr 4th
Golden Decorations Poem Cowboydan 1 Apr 4th
Inverted World Poem Cowboydan 2 Apr 4th
How could you? Poem Krishna99 Apr 4th
my murderous construct oblivious Poem SSmoothie 1 Apr 4th
Breaking Free Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 4th
I Will Be Me Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 4th
Pi (freewrite) Poem Cowboydan freewrite, love, math, Pi Apr 4th
Life Ain't Easy Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 4th
The Death Penalty (Not On My Hands) Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 4th
Truly Free Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 4th
Alright Tonight Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 4th
How Many Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 4th
Toxic Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 4th
Nursery Rhyme Fun Time Poem thisisme789 Nursery Rhymes Apr 4th
I Think Of You Poem thisisme789 2 crushes, love Apr 4th
SKATING Poem chris Apr 4th
Tell Me Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 4th
a gork in time Poem jonfeb Apr 4th
A Happy Ending Poem Crimson-Flo fighting, insanity, love Apr 4th
Dark Cut Poem Crimson-Flo 1 death, God Apr 4th
False Poem Crimson-Flo death, false, hell Apr 4th
Tired Poem mjohnson 4 Apr 4th
Can You Tell Me Why Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 4th
Take Pride Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 4th
The Painting Poem Adam아담 3 Apr 4th
I See You Wield the Knife Poem Sivus Potential, self Apr 4th
Leaden Paralysis Poem FacadeOfSanity apathy sadness depression loss Apr 4th
Consummation of A Suicidal Fantasy. Poem FacadeOfSanity Suicide Funny Apr 4th
Bloodlust Poem FacadeOfSanity Apr 4th
Unmedicated Poem FacadeOfSanity Apr 4th
I Look At The World Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 4th
broken promise land Poem 9inety 3 demon spirits Apr 4th
A calm boy Poem Passionhispanic A calm boy a poem me personality sadness happiness sorrow missing a person you for this boy personal experience Apr 4th
The Mirror's Edge Poem lupus 8 Apr 4th
Patterns Poem jonfeb Apr 4th
Fret Not, My People Poem Crimson-Flo Outcasts Apr 4th
Sia Poem Crimson-Flo bisexual, Forbidden, love Apr 4th
Failure Poem Crimson-Flo love, obsession Apr 4th
One Tear, One Kiss Poem Crimson-Flo Cutting, love, Pain Apr 4th
The Garden Poem Trulyblessed1 garden Apr 4th
Why do they try Poem Trulyblessed1 Why Apr 4th
Touch Poem prometheus Apr 4th
Envy Poem prometheus Apr 4th
Fork in the road Poem prometheus Apr 4th
You're Hell on my Heart Poem Silver__lining Apr 4th
Devil Poem prometheus Apr 4th
The Hope of Us Being Together Poem Silver__lining Apr 4th
Relive My Hell Poem Silver__lining Apr 4th
The Journey Home Poem prometheus Apr 4th
The call of the knife Poem Wandering_Soul85 2 Apr 4th
I'll Never Forget You Poem Silver__lining Apr 4th
Who Knows? It Could Be Love... Poem dare2dream Apr 4th
Cat Poem Wandering_Soul85 Apr 4th
French Girls in a Brasov Cafe Poem sweet_saturn cafe, Girls, Outsider, Romania, social competition Apr 4th
(don't be) That Guy Poem sweet_saturn Lust, masturbation, sexism, social pressure Apr 4th
Ode to ETS Poem sweet_saturn Alcoholism, bus, drifting, Edmonton, Edmonton Public Tranit, Ode, passivity Apr 4th
Lies Poem Readjustedtolife 2 Apr 4th
Navreet Poem sweet_saturn Apr 4th
Don't speak Prose LostinDelerium breaking hearts Apr 4th
It’s a state of mind not some place we can just drive to Poem redpyramid9000 1 Apr 5th
Sad Love Story Poem cassiebee 4 love Apr 5th
Stand tall Poem Anonymous Easy street peace Apr 5th
Get Out Poem ADAPT Apr 5th
true feelings from deep within Poem POETWITHTHEBLUES Apr 5th
Secret within my Soul Poem cassiebee Apr 5th
Never to Love Again Poem cassiebee Apr 5th
Spring Feelings Poem daydreamingdragon spring feelings confusion Apr 5th
Who Says I Can't? Poem Silver__lining Apr 5th
I'll Admit Poem Silver__lining Apr 5th
Rare Ruby Poem Avantgarde Apr 5th
Is that really me? Poem mth610 1 Apr 5th
A Message...(Poem#2) Poem JMM213 Broken Hearted, Long Poetry, Lost friendship, love Apr 5th
Me Meeting You/So Many Things (Poem#3) Poem JMM213 1 friendship, Inspiration. Apr 5th
The One Percent Poem mjohnson Brotherhood, Pride Apr 5th
The crush Poem readmy5tuff 7 Apr 5th
love sprinkles Poem SSmoothie 5 Apr 5th
A Family Dinner Poem ADAPT Apr 5th
Can You Stay? Poem Silver__lining Apr 5th
Only You Can Truly Poem Silver__lining Apr 5th
Gone Poem gman.mcgee Apr 5th
Challenge!! Poem mannbelani adversity, attitude, challenge Apr 5th
Love or lust Poem Readjustedtolife 1 Apr 5th
In My Opinion Poem thisisme789 Opinions Apr 5th
The Sun Shines Down (60 second challenge) Poem thisisme789 2 60 second challenge, the sun Apr 5th
Found Poem cassiebee 4 Apr 5th
against the grain Poem 9inety 1 fantasy Apr 5th
Nice Days Can't be Enjoyed Poem dial666 Apr 5th
I miss you the most at.. Poem dial666 1 Apr 5th
anticipating the cosmic flames Poem 9inety 2 Apr 5th
Good bye Poem Readjustedtolife Apr 5th
A Yern for a Smile 9-21-11 Poem natedog711 just me and this girl Apr 5th
Apology Poem Wandering_Soul85 Apr 5th
Angel Wings Poem dogs4life_77 1 Apr 5th
The observer Poem ADAPT Apr 5th
Looking Back Poem poetry_freak Apr 5th
Beneath the Wicker Candle Poem poetry_freak Apr 5th
Bitterness and Butterscotch Poem poetry_freak Apr 5th
Imbalance Poem poetry_freak Apr 5th
ThoughtShock Chapter Ten Tease Prose MatthewWayne 2 Apr 5th
Breath of Logic, With Forearms Poem poetry_freak Apr 6th
Selfishly Feeding Poem poetry_freak Apr 6th
A Love She'll Always Know Poem cassiebee 2 Apr 6th
Sharp Wit Poem poetry_freak Apr 6th
Personal Pond Poem poetry_freak Apr 6th
Wouldn't it be nice? Poem dial666 Apr 6th
Molding our Young Poem poetry_freak Apr 6th
It Begins with a Twitch... Poem poetry_freak Apr 6th
Apples and Oranges Poem poetry_freak Apr 6th
hush. Poem SSmoothie 1 Apr 6th
Almost Poem poetry_freak 1 Apr 6th
500 Miles Away Poem cassiebee Apr 6th
6-7 Poem connor_27 Apr 6th
inside my mind Poem readmy5tuff Apr 6th
Lady of Sorrows Poem blumentopf 2 Apr 6th
entity Poem SSmoothie 2 Apr 6th
Last Year(Sophomore Story/Rap) Poem # 4 Poem JMM213 2nd High school year, Short Rap. Apr 6th
she took my heart Poem walterz Apr 6th
the fall Poem SSmoothie 6 Apr 6th
Behind the scenes of a "had me at hello" Poem ADAPT Behind the scenes of a Apr 6th
Irrational late night thoughts Poem ADAPT Apr 6th
Monarchs Poem poetry_freak Apr 6th
The Outer Limits of Graffiti Poem poetry_freak Apr 6th
Past Lives Poem poetry_freak Apr 6th
Reoccuring Poem poetry_freak Apr 6th
2 for 2 Poem poetry_freak Apr 6th
An Excerpt - From a Short Story Poem Sivus Excerpt, fantasy, fiction, narrative, Short Story Apr 6th
A Top Hat Award Poem thisisme789 academic awards, School, school awards Apr 6th
Big Lily Poem CaptainShambles lily little dont judge a book by its cover Apr 6th
The Beginnings ~ Poem Tjrnyc5 beginning, bond, destroyed, forever, love Apr 6th
Simba to my Pride Poem Tjrnyc5 king, lion, mistakes, Pride, simba Apr 6th
Silent light Poem nighthawk21 1 Apr 6th
He Descended into Hell Poem blumentopf 2 Apr 6th
Anger a part of me Poem leeblue 2 anger pain suicide hate sad depressed abused Apr 6th
Cosmic Dream Poem connor_27 Apr 6th
Liar Poem connor_27 1 Apr 6th
20-7 Poem connor_27 Apr 6th
Back Then Poem connor_27 3 Apr 6th
25-6 Part II Poem connor_27 Apr 6th
Twenty-Two: Fifty One / Twenty-Two:Fifty Two Poem connor_27 Apr 6th
The Legacy of Sky: Chapters 1 and 2 Prose MatthewWayne 1 fiction Apr 6th
Imprisoned by Love Prose Tormented1 Apr 6th
sunburn Poem ErisStormMercyRain Apr 7th
Rapunzel Poem metaphorist Apr 7th
Clocks Poem metaphorist Apr 7th
Love Me for My Vices Poem metaphorist Apr 7th
Overwhelming Trials Poem trumpet7 Apr 7th
In Another World Poem dampsoup 1 thoughts nostalgia lost alone Apr 7th
idle escapade Poem SSmoothie 3 Apr 7th