Sing Alone

Stars gather then drift-
Wandering in the endless sea of fascination.
Polishing fellow seekers with their dust of wonder. 
Adorn, those who are blessed to come in contact.
... Do you see them?
Craddled in the hands of the solar system.
Have you heard them?
Sadly, these beams go unseen.
For you'd rather glide alone.

Ode to ETS

did i ever tell you how much
i like riding the bus?
especially on a winter morning
primordial dark
insulated from the city in warmth
and shadows

i like to let the rhythmic whir
stroke my ears
coffee and whiskey in my belly
with eyes half-closed
sharp edges and hard yellow lines
shimmer and pulse

i like to slip in and out
of sleeping
we slough off layers of the city
like dream images
only half-remembering the route
taken three hundred times or more

i like knowing and not knowing
faces in blue light
we know each other's secret
morning ritual
knowing looks filter through
anonymous space

i like feeling that this route
could last forever
always moving on a boundary in time
not arriving anywhere
and did i ever tell you how much
i like riding the bus?